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The Haunting of Garza

HPI Garza Haunting Discovery Team

Let’s do a roll call: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Shari Aresta; Deanna Bailey – Senior Lead Investigator; Marla Dorsey; Janae Marchant; Jon Koyasako – Security/Senior Lead Investigator; Kara Koyasako.

Occupants: Francisco Castillo; Sally Garza; Sabrina Castillo; Josephine Navarrette.

The Initial Report:
Date of Investigation: Feb 17 Friday Time of the Investigation: 8pm
Contact: Sally Garza. Address to be at: Sacramento, CA 95823 Activity: Her children see moving shadows, there are sounds of things breaking, but nothing is broke. Their grandfather’s urn sits in the house.

Sally Garza’s Explains the Activities at Her Home:
"In my room we heard glass break on the bed, when I went to investigate, there was nothing broken. My children, when they have company, one of the girls was taking a shower and saw a shadow through the curtains. This same friend of my daughter’s saw a shadow in the garage. My son Francisco, when he was taking a shower in the same bathroom, the bathroom door closed on its own. My daughter Sabrina also heard heavy breathing in the hallway, directly right behind her. Sabrina says that she was fixing her bed and the little piggy banks on the head board moved on their own".

There are 2 areas to cover, the back 3 bedrooms, hallway and garage. The other area is the kitchen, backyard and living room. Jon took his team to the living room area and Deanna took her team to the bedrooms. Jon’s group is capturing many designer orbs and two of the photographs have strange shadow anomalies. Deanna captured a designer orb in the garage. The designer orb that Deanna captured almost looks like it has a skull face in it. Deanna’s group captured some EMF spikes. No EVPs were captured with both groups. Designer orbs are prominent by Sally’s father’s urn by the fireplace. Wind chimes were heard outside by Deanna’s group, but was debunked as chimes in the hallway. Note: Orbs are not proof of the paranormal, unless we can show intelligent movement. Special Note: Sabrina tells me that 2 months ago, she had a dream about me and recognized me instantly from her dream. Designer Orb Definition: Orbs with intricate designs inside, sometimes they harbor a nucleus. When enhancing, enlarging a designer orb, you can sometimes make out a face within the orb itself.

The occupants are participating in the investigation and I loaned out my night vision goggles to the occupants. Nothing was seen in the night vision goggles. Some more orb pictures were taken. Deanna captured some blue orbs. Blue orbs are usually an indication of happiness. When it comes down to it, it’s like reading auras. Red aura, red orb is usually anger. Black auras, black orbs are usually sadness or depression. Blue auras and blue orbs usually indicate happiness, contentment. One room called the Reptile room, a nice designer orb was captured. A bird shaped orb was captured and the occupants has many birds and she tells me that 2 of her birds died. Could this bird shaped orb be a ghostly bird? One investigator had a weird feeling near the bedroom closet and the closet area is unusually cold. I consider this a ‘Casper Haunting’, the entity or entities are very benevolent. No cleansing is required.

Special Thanks: Thank you to the occupants for providing coffee, chocolate cupcakes and cinnamon rolls for my team members.

To see pictures from this Investigation, stop by here:


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