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MidLife GridLife – Finally Met My Match(maker)

My experience with matchmaking is pretty limited.

The shriveled old women in movies like Crossing Delancey –I have always been a sucker for a Pickle Man, but, alas and oy vey, the world is not as simple as Pickle Men v. Arrogant Poets!—and Patti Stanger, Queen Bitch of Bravo, whose television matches, despite her reputed success rate, never seem to work.

Patti’s millionaires seem to be just as inept and undesirable as the men cycling through their second year on Match.com, just on a grander scale; a chance to have more exclusive failed first dates.

The yentas of film always make their match.

I have yet to meet mine.

But that could all change, now that I’ve met Amar.

The Mistress of MetroSpark turned out to be more than I bargained for, in terms of business proprietors.

Starting an online dating service is tricky, in fact, potentially a very aggravating Catch 22, when you think about it: Single Person logs on to site, runs a search, but receives only a few hits. Single Person realizes that because the site is new, there aren’t really very many matches to choose from yet, so Single Person doesn’t join.

The number of people on the site, therefore, does not increase, like an exotic animal that has the potential to eliminate global warming, but eats its own young.

Registration is still free. Amar says she doesn’t feel comfortable charging clients yet for a site with so few members. But that leads to another confound: the commonly held belief, for those with experience, is that you get what you pay for in the world of online dating.

See the double dilemma?

These are things that never would have occurred to me before I met Amar.

She is an interesting woman with stories to tell.

We met, after our initial exchange of emails, at Lucca, to talk about online dating, and dating in general.

It was there—where it seemed she knew everyone except the governor, who strolled behind us on his way in to dinner (without the sort of entourage I’ve become used to seeing fronting the mayor, I noted)—that I made my pitch.

“I write about a lot of things in my column,” I began, “But the only thing that consistently gets any response from readers, the thing that gets the most positive feedback, is when I write about dating.”

Amar looked not the least bit surprised.

“Given what you’ve told me about your predilection for matchmaking, I have a proposition: You find me the man of my dreams, and I will chronicle the process in my column—the good, the goofy, the bad, the beastly! All of it. Honestly.”

“I love it!”

I could tell she did.

I did, too. I was running out of dating material—in every sense.

“However,” she turned serious, “I know you can be very open and honest in your column; I can be very blunt as well. If we’re going to work together, I may ask you to do things you don’t like. Will that work for you?”

I loved it slightly less.

But I was definitely intrigued.

“It will,” I agreed.

And so it began.

Will my matchmaker make me over?

Will Mr. Right be a MetroSpark Man?

Stay tuned…


Find your own match online at www.metrospark.net. Matchmaking services are also available. You can also find MetroSpark on Facebook.

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