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Mischievous Entities in Fair Oaks: Is Santeria Responsible?

HPI Fair Oaks Entity Extraction Team

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Date to be there: Feb 11, Saturday Time to be there: 9pm: Contact Person: Rick Simpson Address: Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Activity: Alarm goes on by itself; something pushes down on the bed; hair pulled; friends get touched; door shuts on their own. House built in 1950, single story. After investigation, request cleansing.

HPI Paranormal Investigators that are present: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager; Chantal Apodaca/HPI Assistant Manager/Psychic; Jesse Peevyhouse – Senior Lead Investigator; Kareen Peevyhouse – Senior Lead Investigator; Raquel Rodriguez; Becky Cardenas; Al ‘Big Al’ Rosatano; Jon & Kasper (Kara) Koyasako (Jon Koyasako – Security); Deanna Bailey – Senior Lead Investigator; Tuesday Rubsam; Ivy Rubsam; Capone Bender; Marla Dorsey; Karen Stanley; Bob Fulton; Gina de la Rosa; Nicole Stowe; Julie Lambirth.

Tonight the Senior Lead Investigators are Deanna, Kareen & Jesse. Jesse’s Team is called ‘Jesse’s Girls’. Kareen’s team is called Team Hill Street; Deanna’s team is Team Rooster. We have 3 areas to cover. The back bedrooms, the living room/kitchen and the front yard and back yard.

Rick Simpson In His Own Words Describes the Events:
“I moved in to the house around April of 2000. I understood that it had been a rental for many years prior. The first unusual thing I noticed was that I found several candles that were partially burnt and the carcass of a headless chicken. Sometime later I began to experience some unusual things. Note: What Rick is describing sounds similar to the cult practices of Santeria – Paul Dale Roberts.

I would on occasion feel something pushing down on my bed at night. One evening while I was in the restroom a friend of mine was sitting out front on the couch. When I came out she was visibly shaken and told me that a pillow on the couch rolled off on to the floor. There were times when the bathroom door would open on its own while a guest was occupying it. It became a kind of a joke that the house was haunted but I didn’t really believe it.

Then over time these occurrences became more frequent. My girl friend at the time experienced the phenomena of something pushing down on the bed while we were sleeping. Then there was the incident where I awoke in the middle of the night to see a band of lights about 4 inches wide on the wall that ran from the floor to the ceiling. There were about 5 or 6 columns that made up the band and spaced on each of these were dots of light.

I immediately woke up my girl friend and asked if she saw it too because it was so bizarre since all of the windows had blinds and curtains covering them and there were no lights on in the house. When she replied yes and said how interesting that it was, I had enough confirmation to make me believe that I wasn’t seeing things and that something unexplained was going on.

I had someone come out a couple of days later and clear the house. All was fine but then it all started happening again. The last straw for me was the night when I was up in the living room and felt it get ice cold and then heard a low evil voice say ‘get out!’

Once again I had the house cleansed and after that things were quiet.
In June of 2006, I made some deals with the dark power. In July, I began to get sick. In October of that same year I was diagnosed with cancer and given a 50/50 chance of survival. I became a Christian while going through treatment in the hospital.

Nothing ever happened again until the Summer of 2011. The heater turned on by itself, making the house warmer, and then in the Fall the opposite thing happened with the heater. Around Christmas things took off again. I felt something pushing down on my bed at night and one night as my girlfriend and I were going to bed she felt something touch her arm and I felt something pull my hair. Over the next week or so I noticed the heater stopped changing temperatures, but a couple of times the alarm clock in my room went off in the middle of the day. Both times it was turned off and there were other people here that witnessed it. Then one afternoon I came in with two bottles of water from the store and set them down on the dining table and went into the restroom. After getting into the restroom, I heard one of the bottles get knocked over on the table. A day later my daughter and I both witnessed the door to the back room shut completely from a wide open position. Often at night you can hear things shuffling around throughout the house. I have sought out the assistance of some people to help get rid of this phenomenon that occurs in my home.”

Special Note:
Chantal Apodaca and I arrived early. Chantal did a walk-through and picked up a cold chill that went up her leg. She detected several shadows moving about the home, which indicated to her that there were several entities residing in this home. She felt the entities were attached to the male occupant. She detected that the living room and kitchen were recent add-ons – confirmed by occupant. In the back room she felt a little girl presence, that makes the dream catcher move – confirmed by occupant. Added note: Chantal recently met up with a person and touched this person’s locket and felt it originated from Asia. Through psychometry, the locket was analyzed and in a secret compartment there was a Buddha. This is new gift she discovered she had.

Jesse’s Girls caught K2 hits by the trampoline. Whispering was heard by the chicken coops. Orbs captured on photographs. During the Evidence Briefing everyone heard a distinct knock on the wall and we cannot determine where the knock came from. Kareen felt a presence walk past her and everyone in her group was feeling vertigo. One investigator felt something stroke her finger. The occupants felt something pushing against them. Gina de la Rosa felt a pressure go across her forehead. With my night vision goggles I saw a various orbs move across the room, but what was really unusual is Jesse told the entity to play the guitar and a dancing orb, with 3 movements danced on the keyboard. I did not know the keyboard was a keyboard with my night vision goggles, I thought it was an ironing board, so it made perfect sense that the orb was trying to play the keyboard. Team Rooster, Big Al captured some large designer orbs and strange light anomalies on his photos. There were a couple of photos we were able to debunk as reflections from other objects. Tuesday captured a strange light anomaly that was debunked as sudden movement of her arm capturing a light source on the DVD player. Karen saw a red orb with her own eyes move underneath the table.

Team Rooster, Deanna saw from the waist down a woman in a blue and white polka dot dress move across the mirror. Team Hill Street Blues captured orbs outside and witnessed strange light movements on another home that they cannot explain. Team Jesse’s Girls received various K2 hits. Note: A power source can be some of the power lines near this home. I saw a shadow movement and debunked it as Chantal’s black hair being brushed aside. I personally heard whispering along the fence line and no one was there.

Jesse captured an EVP of a man’s voice saying ‘what’s up?’ and he was the only man in his group and he did not say that.

Our most compelling evidence is the knocking on the wall that many of us witnessed. We found no way of solving the mystery of this knock and eliminating everything that can possibly explain it, leaves us with only one conclusion, the knocking has paranormal origins. EVP that says ‘what’s up?’ Kareen Peevyhouse and I conducted a Catholic blessing on the residence.


The Debbie Swafford Story:
Feb 10, 2012, Meeting at It’s a Grind, 10420 Twin Cities Road, Galt, CA. Debbie tells me that her mother’s house is 113 years old and it’s in Galt. In 2008, Debbie and her mom saw an apparition walking up and down the stairs. In the backyard, her mom saw a man with a trench coat and he vanished before her eyes. Debbie’s step-father who had no legs and was deceased would also appear to Debbie and her mom. Her ghostly step-father actually appeared and sat next to her son. Her step-father appeared another time in the mirror and gestured Debbie to go over to him.

Dick Contino, The Acordion Man
I love researching some of my old family history and I recently discovered that my mother Rosita ‘Rosemarie’ Causing/Roberts once dated Dick Contino aka The Acordion Man in Fresno. My mother was once a Rosie the Riveteer and even dated the notorious Pillow Case Bandit of Fresno, who when he was incarcerated kept writing love letters to my mother from San Quentin Prison. When he came out of prison he met with my mother and asked her if she wanted to continue seeing him and my mother replied that her new boyfriend was now my dad. To read about Dick Contino, go to this link:


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