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Steak Sandwich at Blue Prynt

Recently there have been many restaurants closing in Sacramento for different reasons, most due to the down economy. Somewhat new to the scene is Blue Prynt Restaurant and Bar located at 815 11th street in the downtown area of Sacramento. Blue Prynt occupies the space formerly known as Sofia, one of the culinary casualties of our area. While this restaurant has its own entrance it is unfortunately connected to a Best Western Motel.

Upon entering I was excited to see the grand transformation that had taken place. I noticed new paint, furniture and light fixtures. The carpets seemed the same but I could be mistaken. I don’t judge restaurants by how beautiful or tacky they look (not 100% anyway), I take into account food and service. 

Upon peering over the menu I thought I might start with an appetizer but the section consisted of five items. I was looking at things like shrimp cocktail and calamari which honestly bored me to tears and frankly seems somewhat lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I like shrimp cocktail, I like calamari, but in order for items like these to stand out there has to be something with an essence of culinary creativity in the menu item description. Horseradish and cocktail sauce can only be so good.

Moving on to the entrees – things looked promising. Items like quail stuffed with a chorizo chicken mousse and king salmon with basmati and wild rice pilaf gave me hope. My guest and I both ended up ordering the special which was a steak sandwich with mushrooms and feta cheese. I asked our server Hannah if the kitchen was asking for temperatures for the steak. When she told me no temps were being taken I asked how the steak was cooked and was told it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of medium. When we got the sandwiches the mushroom and cheese went nicely with the steak but the meat was cooked to a disappointing medium well to well done.

I will go back and visit Blue Prynt again on a weekend for dinner to see how the experience is. If there is a significant difference complete with wow factor I will post an actual review of the restaurant. At this point what I see is a tremendous opportunity being missed by a restaurant which I feel has the potential to do great things. 

As a place that moved into the space of a former restaurant which was somewhat dated I would think the owners at Blue Prynt would want to work hard to make people forget about what was there and died. I think Sacramento as a whole has too many restaurants in the realm of being just okay. With expendable income being limited these days for many people, dining out has become an amenity. Our community will only frequent eateries that leave a strong and positive impression. Whether the impact is made on the food or service side, it still needs to be there. Restaurants need to treat every day as if everything is at stake because quite frankly it is. Those who do not make their mark and stand out with an impressive and more importantly consistent product are doomed to fail. This is the part of my article where I cut it short. I could easily go on and describe everything not being done at Blue Prynt. The fact is I would just be reapeating myself and at some point be perceived as being unnessesarily cruel and anyone who has read my articles will tell you I am nothing if not fair.

Andy Soto

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