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Sacramento House of Ill Repute

Demon Warrior – James Rubino Comics

As a paranormal investigator aka the Demon Warrior, I have a tendency to pay attention to houses. When I look at an old Sacramento Gothic home, I sometimes wonder if the house is haunted or if there is some residual energy of past events that reside inside the walls of these homes. The best time I have to look at houses is when I am walking my Jack Russell Terrier Pika and my Corky named Hi-Pee.

Somewhere in Sacramento, I came upon a home that looked suspicious. Not that it looked suspicious as if the home was haunted, but it looked suspicious as if the house has something to hide. Something possibly atrocious that is being committed in this beautiful 2 story home.

As I surveyed the house, I noticed numerous video cameras stationed outside of the home. There was 2 big signs that said that there was a bad axx dog on duty. I stared at this house and wondered why they would have these blatant signs posted? It was obvious there must have been a bad axx dog in the backyard, because the way he barked and growled, he sounded ferocious.

I always wondered about this house, then one day I decided to walk my dogs near the house again and to my surprise I saw ‘police line’ tape everywhere and the fence was completely torn down in the backyard. Something happened at this house and I got on the Internet to see what may have occurred by typing in the address. To my surprise I discovered that the occupants were cultivating marijuana in this home and selling it. Well, that is not extremely atrocious behavior, but I thought to myself how stupid they are to advertise the way they did by letting the neighbors know that they owned a bad axx dog and that they keep surveillance of their property with video cameras. This was a tell tale sign that they were up to no good. Normal neighbors don’t put up a bunch of video cameras outside of their home and put up signs around their property that they owned a bad axx dog.

With the video cameras and signs, it was a strong indication that something was not right with this home and of course Sacramento’s Finest found out what was truly going on inside. Sometimes criminals just don’t get it, instead of being incognito, they flaunt their bad behavior to the public. The signs are now down, the video cameras are gone and now it looks like a regular home in Sacramento. Good riddance to the bad neighbors.

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