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Sacramento Fashion Week Press Party

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Model Vanessa Briseño

Mayahuel Tequila Museo hosted an elegant evening of fashion on Thursday night. Designers scheduled to participate in the Designer Showcase were on hand to celebrate a Sacramento Fashion Week Press Party.

This year’s Sacramento Fashion Week will take place the week of February 21. Several events are planned for the event including two Designer Showcases with the final show on February 25.

Several Sacramento Fashion Week staff members were on hand to meet and greet guests at the event. Producer and Executive Director, Duane Ram, introduced the event and other staff members. Creative Director, Will Rodriguez, also said a few words to start the sixth year of production for Sacramento Fashion Week.

Sacramento Fashion Week crew

Designers arrived at Mayahuel and mingled with guests. Models arrived later aboard a stretch limo and posed for photos in front of the Tequila Museo before making a grand entrance.

Models arriving at Mayahuel

There are 13 designers scheduled for this year’s runway fashion show. Two nights have been set aside to showcase their creativity in fashion and share their designs with the ever growing Sacramento fashion scene.

Sacramento Fashion Week models

The International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) will host a training workshop at their campus during the second day of Sacramento Fashion Week. The workshop, Model Boot Camp, will be open to the public and will be helpful for aspiring models.

Sacramento State Student Fashion Association (SFA) will host a Fashion Forum on February 23. The forum will be held at the Hinde Auditorium at Sacramento State University. This event will feature industry professionals who will bring their perspective and knowledge in their profession. Different career fields within the fashion industry will be shared with students and others in attendance.

Representatives from Make-A-Wish Foundation of Sacramento and Northeastern California were also on hand. Make-A-Wish will be the beneficiary organization of Sacramento Fashion Week for the second straight year.

Designer Janelle Cardenas at Mahuel

Guests were offered delicious appetizers from Mayahuel’s kitchen and a multi media presentation played in the background creating a lively atmosphere.

Sacramento Fashion Week designers

I was able to talk to two of the designers and their models to ask them about the upcoming fashion show. The designers I spoke to, Julian Gutierrez and Vasily Vein will be featured in the Designer Showcase on February 25.

Julian Gutierrez is originally from Sacramento but now lives in San Francisco attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

The Sacramento Press: How did you hear about Sacramento Fashion Week?

Julian Gutierrez: Well I’ve been an intern for Caren Templet for about two years. Sacramento is a tight niche community and word gets around. I did a collection in high school that was well received. I just started college at FIDM this year and this will be my third quarter so I’m really excited that I can participate in this show.

SP: Do you know any of the other designers here from FIDM?

JG: Actually many designers are close and they know and help each other and we’re all trying to help Sacramento perhaps become the fashion capital of California.

SP: When will your fashion line be showcased?

JG: I will be showcasing on Saturday night.

SP:  Do you have family in Sacramento?

JG: Yeah my family is here. I have some family in Texas but my immediate family is in Sacramento, I grew up here.

SP: What advice, if you had any, would you give someone who may be trying to get into design?

JG: You need to take every opportunity that’s offered no matter how small. Try to find someone in the industry and network with them and really show your interest and your enthusiasm. Tell them you really want to be where they’re at in the industry. That’s what I did at Templet and I went beyond things I would ever be able to learn in school. As I’m getting older I’m starting to see things that are happening to me that I never thought would happen. I’m very impatient so I thought that this would never happen but it does. I know people that have motivation and really want to do something but at this point they don’t have the skills and are impatient like I was. I would give them advice to follow anything in their life they really want and dedicate themselves to it and follow through to really achieve what they want.

SP: How old where you when you realized you wanted to be a designer?

JG: Maybe when I was in junior high when I was about 13. When I moved to my apartment my mom gave me this mural where I did a fashion sketch when I was about four and I had no idea that I even did it. I used to go in front of the TV and pause it and draw whatever interested me. So in my mind I’ve been designing forever. I find fashion to be beautiful and necessary in my life.

SP: How would you describe your style?

JG: At this point in my life I just really want to make things that are simple, silhouette and basic and that are comfortable but have beautiful detail. I’m inspired by Alexander McQueen and Chanel and the beauty of it is that their clothing is so simple and silhouette and so form fitting in the right places and yet not being vulgar. I find it a lot sexier when a girl or anybody is actually covered up kind of modest and has the sense of formability but still not letting anybody take advantage. I really want to make clothes for people who want change and are always trying to change their life for the better.

Model Danielle Birum with designer Julian Gutierrez

Model Danielle Birum wore a Julian Gutierrez design and I asked her a couple of questions to get a model’s perspective on the event and to find out a little more about her.

SP: How long have you been a model?

Danielle Birum: I’ve been a model for a total of five years now in the Sacramento area.

SP: How did you become involved with Sacramento Fashion Week?

DB: I emailed my friend Maria when I heard about Sacramento Fashion Week and asked if I could be in it and at the last minute I was able to get in. I had done a show with Maria before.

SP: Have you done any other runway shows before?

DB: Nothing really big.

SP: Are you from the Sacramento area?

DB: Yes, I’m from Sacramento and right now I go to American River College. I’m transferring in the fall and I will be going to Monterrey Bay to study Marine Biology.

SP: Do you think you’ll also continue to pursue a modeling career?

DB: It just depends, I really would love to have a career in modeling but school comes first. I should mention that Julian’s fabric choices are amazing they feel awesome they’re amazing and gorgeous.

SP: Who is your favorite model?

DB: I like Heidi Klum and Marisa Miller.

Model Amara Carey

A designer who was part of the last Designing Dreams fashion show Vasily Vein was also present and I was able to ask him and his model some questions. We spoke through a Russian interpreter in order to make sure we understood each other.

SP: I notice you do most of your work in San Francisco but how did you become involved with Sacramento Fashion Week?

Vasily Vein: I love their organization system and the Sacramento Fashion Week team. I had a part in the Designing Dreams fashion show last year and I think they’re one of the best fashion teams in the area.

SP: How long have you been a designer?

VV: All my life, since I was 12 years old.

SP: What or who inspired you to get into fashion?

VV: I’ve always wanted to be involved in fashion. As I thought about what career I wanted to pursue I realized that I wanted to be involved in fashion. Fashion has always been my passion.

SP: I read somewhere that you designed for several Russian rock stars can you tell me who?

VV: I was involved in designing outfits for Russian entertainers. I was a designer for Russian pop and rock stars. I worked with Russian singer Linda for about 10 years. Linda is very famous in Russia and Greece.

SP: When did you come to America and why?

VV: I came to the U.S. three years ago. I like risk and love to experiment and America offered a great challenge.

SP: Have you been to Sacramento before for any shows?

VV: I was in Designing Dreams in August of last year.

SP: Do you have any parting words for Sacramentans coming to the show?

VV: Please come and see my designs. I will try to have a fun presentation for the public.

SP: How would you describe your style?

VV: I try to make beautiful outfits and try to make them for everyone. My creations are not just for the runway but are also made for casual and formal wear.

Model Maria Kondrakhanova and designer Vasily Vein

Maria Kondrakhanova wore a gorgeous red dress designed by Vein. Their interpreter indicated that Kondrakhanova is a top model in Russia and hailed from the Russian city of Nizhniy Novgorod.

SP: How long have you been modeling?

Maria Kondrakhanova: I’ve been a model since I was 16 years old. I’ve been a model in Russia but not in U.S.

SP: What inspired you to become a model?
MK: I love beautiful things, outfits, people and other things and fashion makes me like it’s a dream. I enjoy showcasing beautiful designs.

SP: When did you come to America?

MK: I came to America three years ago for the first time

SP: Who is your favorite model and designer?

MK: I love the beautiful designs of Vasily. My favorite model is Natalia Vodianova because we’re both from the same hometown.

Sacramento Fashion Week models

The evening provided a great setting for fashion designers, models, advertising and modeling agencies, photographers, make up artists, hair stylists, media and other fashion industry people to enjoy the beginning of this year’s fashion extravaganza. Tickets for Sacramento Fashion Week are now on sale and this year they’re expecting to sell out. 

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