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Local Comic Creator of ‘No Apparent Reason’

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   ‘No Apparent Reason’ is a book created and written by Frankie Vanity and the WNG. It’s a wonderful creation of an original world from the mind of Frankie Vanity and her creative team the WNG who help with editing, layouts and story ideas. It’s about an eclectic group of misfits in college and their misadventures along the way. It is set in New Orleans and has Paranormal Investigators, a bit of supernatural and pop culture references. The book draws on life experiences and relays those experiences through humorous, fun and crazy characters.

Frankie Vanity, tell the readers a little about who you are?
I am a costume designer, event coordinator, public relations, artist and writer to name a few. I am a single mother who has had an eclectic life. I started writing when I was in high school with poetry and journals. I still love to write the old fashion way with a book and pen, mostly in my journal or one of my poetry books. I am a geek at heart and hopeless romantic.

Who or what inspired you to write you own comic book?
I have been writing in a journal for years and have several books of poetry. A few years back I was writing movie reviews for a website and it got me thinking about writing a novel. I started creating a character bible and writing story ideas down. Last year it popped into my head that maybe I should make this story and characters into a comic book. I present my idea to one of my best friends, Scott Armstrong, and he loved it! He then had me write down my ideas and characters and 3 months later, here we are!

Have you always been a fan of the comic book world? If so, how did you get involved?
I have attended my first convention in the early 90’s, TimeCon. I love Sci-Fi and comics. My first comic introduction was Batman and then Watchmen and V for Vendetta. About 10 years ago I dated someone who was a vendor at comic and anime conventions. And my love was renewed for comics. I love Lenore, Batman, Gotham City Sirens and various vampire comics.

In your own comic book, where did the idea for your characters?
Many of the main characters are pieces of me and loosely based on people I know. There are some characters that my team help created and they helped me fine tune others. But Raven, Kat, Austen and Vlad have been up in my head for years. It is amazing to see it come to life!

‘No Apparent Reason’ was written and created by you and WNG. How did you get involved with WNG? What is it?

The WNG is a group of friends who are now my creative team. We have been meeting up once a week to talk comic books, movies, music and whatever else comes up. They are my anchor.

I read that you have many popular artists in Hollywood and throughout the comic world create the art for your cover. Can you name some of those people? How did you get them to create your cover(s)?
After spending many years in the comic world through the conventions, you make a lot of friends. When I started talking to them about the idea, they actually jumped at the chance. I can’t release too much of what the future holds, but I will say that Paul Allen, who is the artist for “Brains” has agreed to do our second cover. We have artists lined up for at least the next 4 covers as of this time.

When is your book coming out and how many books do you have lined up for release?
We are debuting the comic in February 2012 at Gallifrey One. We are doing a run of 100 issues with a one of a kind lithograph created for the release only at the convention. Then we will have the general release to the comic stores. It should be hitting the comic stores about the week of February 22. We will have a list of the local shops that will be carrying it on our website http://www.fornoapparentreason.net We aren’t resting on our laurels though. We are going straight into creation and production of issue #2 as we speak. The goal is to have it debut at a convention in May.

Were do you get the funding to distribute the books?
We are getting the funding through Kickstarter. It is a website where you can announce your project, and people will donate money to your project. They receive awards for their pledges, such as t-shirts and autographed books.

Although this book is based in New Orleans is there references to Sacramento?
New Orleans is the perfect setting because of the mystique around it, but we are grounded here in Sacramento. The house they live in is based on a very popular “haunted house” here in Sacramento. A lot of our fan base is here, and we are glad to be a part of the Sacramento culture. We are planning to attend one of the Sac-Con’s later this year! Also, most of the readers will recognize the names of our artist & colorist as they have been staples of the local conventions for years, all local.

Do you have another projects besides the comic book?
I currently have several other projects. I work for Callson Manor as costume designer, it is a local haunted house. I just recently acted in an local upcoming independent film called -" Rikki…the Vampire of Sacramento" segment of "Mondo Sacramento" by Desperate Visions. I play Rikki’s mother and the film releases in early Spring 2012. I am also head of Randori Productions wardrobe department , which is also local . We will be filming “Rocket Patrol in spring. I am also doing some bit acting for them as well

Where can we get in contact with you?

We can be reached at our Facebook page, or directly at noapparentreasoncomic@gmail.com
Kickstarter : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/278064209/no-apparent-reason-comic-book

Website : http://www.fornoapparentreason.net/ contact: noapparentreasoncomic@gmail.com

Anything else you would like to add…

We can’t wait for the comic book to come out so that everyone here can experience it. The Sacramento arts community has fully embraced us and for that we are grateful. We hope that everyone will check it out, and that everyone enjoys it. This has been a labor of love from everyone involved. Thank you.

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