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Interview with Lizzy Silva, Psychic

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Lizzy Silva has lived in and around Sacramento all her life.  From the time she was a small child to the present time, she has experienced seeing ghosts.  The ghosts are attracted to Lizzy, because she has psychic abilities.  She is a beacon of light from a light house tower, that ghosts gravitate towards.  They have a message to convey to Lizzy and with this, there will always be an attraction to Lizzy from our spirit world.  Below is her follow-up interview.

The song that describes Lizzy’s life is Love Child by Diana Ross, you can hear that song here:

To see pictures of Lizzy Silva and her daughter Julia Ellerbe, stop by here:

Question: Lizzy, this is your follow-up interview, I heard there has been a lot of things going on with you. But, before we move into those questions, can you tell me who you have with you today?

Answer: Yes, I have my 13 year old daughter Julia Ellerbe and my sister Donna Vicario .

Question: From what I have been told, it appears that you and your daughter are experiencing all kinds of activity at your home. Tell me about the Jean Coat Ghost you have witnessed.

Answer: I recall being upstairs in my home and hearing my 13 year old daughter Julia run up the stairs from fright. She was downstairs washing dishes and started telling me she saw a blue color sleeve and that it appeared to be a male figure I thought to myself is it possible she had just witnessed the ghost of my father who passed away 13 years ago and that the blue she had described was a blue jean coat he wore when he was around?

Question: Do you really believe the Jean Coat Ghost is your father?

Answer: I believe it was my father Robert Silva who passed away suddenly in March 20, 1998 of cancer.

Question: Why do you feel these ghosts are trying to communicate to you?

Answer: I have a strong belief that they are trying to communicate with me because the family went through a lot of hardship and we never spent enough time with each other. My father always wanted us to stick close together and build a strong bond and mend the troubled times we went through.

Question: What other activity have you witnessed since the last time I saw you?

Answer: I remember another time in my home where I woke up early in the morning and my children had just left for school and I had two of my siblings with me that spent the night. We were sleeping in separate rooms in my home at the time. Anyways I walked down my stairs and decided to go check my back door to sure if it was locked as I made a turn to walk in my kitchen, my refrigerator slowly closed as if someone was there standing next to it and closing it. I thought not much of it being that I already had previously experienced the paranormal, but also thought to my self what in god’s name is this spirit trying to say or what does he want from me?

Question: Let’s get your daughter Julia over here and let her tell me about the Jean Coat Ghost.

Answer: The jean coat was like surrounded with a blue color that I never saw before, I can only see the arm. The arm looked old and the jean coat sleeve was rolled up almost to the elbow, I could only see the arm when I went to get a closer look and it disappeared in front of my eyes.

Question: Julia, can you tell me about Greenfield and why I should investigate Greenfield? Where is Greenfield?

Answer: I was 10 years old, my father lived in Greenfield he told me about this old boarded up house in a middle of a field by a freeway. My father and I came back from visiting my family, we passed by this house and it was an old white house. The paint of the house was chipped up and all of the windows and the doors were boarded up. The house look abandoned, my dad told me people used to pay people to sleep in this house and when they wake up they would find themselves on the side of the freeway. Greenfield is located by Monterey Bay and Paso Robles.

Question: Julia, I hear that you have prophetic dreams. Can you elaborate?

Answer: I have dreams that come once in a great blue moon, they are sort of blurry but they come true. Like once I had a dream about a big thick red door, it opened and there were a lot of furniture in the living room, then on one day I went to visit my step mom at her house and I was at the front porch I saw the same red door that was in my dreams and then when she opened the door I saw the living room with the same furniture in my dream, I was shocked. Then I went to church with her and I had a dream about this metal design with glass in the open spaces, then as I went to church on one of the walls was that design I saw in my dream.

Paul: That definitely sounds like you have ESP abilities. Thank you for sharing this story.

Question: Julia, it seems like those psychic genes befell you via your mother, how interesting. Well, let’s get back to your mother. Lizzy, you are doing some HPI Case Manager work and you are trying to get me an investigation. Can you tell me something about this investigation?

Answer: Yes, I most definitely am trying to do an investigation case. I would love to search for a form of closure in some of my experiences with the paranormal and get some answers as to who are the spirits who surround me and maybe why they seem to be very attracted to my energy.

Question: Tell me about your daughter Deziray, what happened to her?

Answer: Okay I have a 5 year old daughter who happens to one day be with me in my home while the family was out, at the time I was working on some crafting and a moment later that day Deziray, while in her room was playing with her toys and books. I ran across to the bedroom. I was working in another room and very much scared. Deziray told me a man approached her and tried grabbing her attention and called her ‘sugar’. Sugar was her nickname, she is known by that name at home. Deziray then described to me this spirit she had encountered, saying he walked into another room and disappeared. She felt unsure of herself and very much afraid and confused. She stayed in my room for the rest of the day and would not go back to her room without me. My thought on this incident was it had to be my father who just came and made his presence known to her.

Question: You are a card reader too? Please elaborate.

Answer: Yes I do card readings, one reading I did was with one of my relatives who is my youngest brother named Julio Silva. Julio is a very thin fragile looking young man and Julio’s birth sign is a Libra and its in his nature to eat a lot of foods that contain spices and Julio also loves to drink a lot of carbonated drinks, anyhow I did a reading for him on many occasions. In these readings I drew the heath card for him. I warned him of his eating habits and that he had to make a change in his diet habits as well because I felt he was getting close to a situation that was not so good. Then months later my brother Julio Silva went in for emergency surgery to save his life. He had gall stones and had to also get his appendix removed. Another card reading I did was for my niece who was 9 years old at the time and in the hospital for the same health complication my brother had. She had to get an appendix removed. In this card reading I also picked up the health body card and the guardian angel card for her. As I prayed for her well being I knew she would be okay because the cards confirmed that her guardian angels were with her during this surgery.

Question: Again, thank you for this follow-up interview! Thank you for my birthday present, a very cool coffee cup! Is there anything else you would like to convey to your readers? If not, what is your favorite song? This song will be the theme music to your interview?

Answer: I love to say always keep in mind to stay positive as possible, life has many wonderful ways through the spiritual world that gives us and leaves us signs in any circumstances . I love all types of music and one of my personal favorites is by Diana Ross called Love Child. I sit and listen to music. I feel this song tells a story about me or has a connection about me, involving my past and present life . Thank you very much Paul. You are very welcome and it has been a pleasure working with you.


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