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The X-Files: The Demonic Pendant by Belinda Bentley – Sacramento Celebrity Psychic

Haunted pendant

Sometimes HPI get cases that just seem like the X-files. This is a case for the books. Though I am a clairvoyant, psychic paranormal investigator, I still like my science. I’ve always said if I wasn’t a psychic I’d be a scientist. That’s what I wanted to be when I grew up – unfortunately not every case is rooted in science. How can you scientifically prove someone is haunted?

An email came through to Paul Dale Roberts of HPIParanormal.net and he passed that email to me. Anonymous from Sacramento:
"Hello, I have been looking for some help. I have been empathic my entire life and have crossed paths with the spiritual realm a couple times. Not to long back a number of unexplainable events occurred and my brother and I knew they were spiritually influenced. I make jewelry and other artsy things for pure enjoyment. Well, about a month ago my boyfriend had been almost drawn to a pendant I had been given and decided he had to have it. I had held on to this pendant as well as the 3-4 interchangeable pieces that came with it because even though I hadn’t seen these symbols before on a physical level; when I saw them I had a sort of a familiar feel, like perhaps I had seen them in another life. I wanted to find out what the symbols meant. Since my boyfriend attained this pendant things have gone from bad to almost deadly. He finally looked up the pendant and found out it’s demonic. He said it’s name means or is "Follow Me" I want to do things correctly so this situation is handled and isn’t intensified. Please help…"

I immediately requested pictures and information pertaining to the pendant to get a since of history, lore, legend, and if this really is the cause of some bad juju. My aim was to find out why she felt these were demonic? Where did she get her information? Who gave her these pendants? What does "almost deadly" mean? I have to be honest I didn’t get the feeling I was getting the truth, she was either lying or she didn’t write the truth in the original email or maybe she has a mental issue. I could make a psychic judgment on this one, but I don’t feel that it would be fair, not having talked to the client directly. So it was important to get more information and start researching. The whole point of this is not to judge, but to help. The client would never respond to all of my questions. Namely the almost deadly question and where did she get her information about this being demonic. Her response was even more intriguing then her original email though:

"Dear Belinda,
Thank you for getting back to me right away. I feel the need to be completely honest and let you know, I wasn’t expecting to hear back from anyone for a week or two. Things have been fluctuating on severity levels. So to catch you up a bit on the basics of the situation: I am staying with my parents again, who have lived in the same house for over 20 years. Our home is not only on Indian land, but a child was brutally murdered in it, some years before my folks took it over. When I was younger, there had been many occasions that our paranormal occupants caused our family strain. Things we’re very extreme, but what pushed my folks to seek help was when I was suffocated in my sleep. Thankfully I shared a room with my sister and the only physical damage was finger mark bruises. We had 2 priests come & bless the house. Unexpectedly things got a bit worse. We then asked the spiritual counselor of some dear Indian friends of ours to help. He cleansed the house as well as informed my parents that I was a main focuses of our household. The haunting instantly seemed to stop. I have always been able to "feel" my surroundings & my companies physical & emotional feelings. I sense presence. From people standing near me to the aura someone leaves behind on an object after they’ve touched it. Sometimes I can feel people’s lingering presence not even knowing they had just been in that room or space. For sometime now, I have noticed many different entities. A couple of them have been wondering harmless spirits but most of them are darker in nature. I love creating things, mostly jewelry and people bring or give me items all the time. I obtained these pendants months ago. My boyfriend says (in exact words) ‘its like it came to me.’ I immediately, got the feeling (& said so) that they we’re sent to him or to our household. I don’t know how to really explain it but I feel like we’re being distracted so we don’t see what’s truly going on. Sorry, for going on & on. My matter at hand is how do I safely disposed of these, I don’t want to do something that will entice or end up in the hands of a new poor soul."

If this story is true there is a lot to it. I suppose I really didn’t have the truth in the beginning. Activity seem to have started with her years prior. Which I feel has a lot to do with what she going through now. Choked as a child, haunted land, I am getting a sense of what she might feel is almost deadly. She hasn’t responded to my other emails, but if she read this, she see what my assessment is. The pendant itself looks as though it was drawn by a child. It looks harmless, but when you think of the simple drawing of a heart and the feelings it can illicit in some people. It tells you symbols can have a lot of power. Just as the pyramid on our dollar, the all seeing eye and the $ symbol itself.

The background information could be important in finding out if this is a case of the "Demonic Pendant" or if this is a case of a "Haunted Woman on Haunted Land." If it is the pendant and the spirits stems from Native American culture then you would do a Native American ceremonial ritual to rid it of negativity. If not holy water and a blessing, destroy by fire and melting the symbol, engrave a counter active symbol onto the pendant itself or the use of herbs and salt to rid it of evil. Salt has been used since ancient times to rid the world of pest spiritual and physical.

A person would determine which to do by religious beliefs, the person helping them making the decision, the religious background of symbol, or just doing it all out of desperation. It’s best to determined which would bring the most empowerment as well. Some people feel empowered by throwing something away, some would feel empowered by burning it (fire) and some would feel empowered by water. What ever brings the client that feeling of divine power is what will help them clear the negative energy so the spirit or force can’t attach itself to the person. Which is what cursed objects do.

Now the issue with the house…if it hasn’t had a disturbance in a while, I wouldn’t suggest doing anything. But if the activity has reactivated and is targeting the woman and her boyfriend. Well than that’s a whole other story. One I feel needs to be explored…

Irene Tafoya

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