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Ask Officer Michelle – What To Do About a Friend Who’s Using Drugs

Posted by MartinM

Hi,I suspect that my friend Is using drugs,I am almost sure he is using some kind of drugs.Should I report him? After all I am not 100% sure,but he has had some problems before.

Thank you.

Dear MartinM,

It sounds like you have some concerns about your friend using drugs. You may be right. Have you discussed this with your friend? He may need help and police involvement may not be the best route. Your friend may need some intervention from friends and family. There are many drug and alcohol clinics in Sacramento and in the outlying region where your friend may seek help.

If your friend is selling drugs or furnishing the drugs to others, then you should call the police. Being under the influence of a narcotic or drug is a misdemeanor in this state. If they are operating a motor vehicle, or are involved in caring for children while under the influence, it could be a felony, especially if it your friend gets into an injury accident.

If your friend is on probation or parole, his agent should be notified. It is a violation of the conditions of the probation/parole if the subject uses illegal drugs during the time they are on this status.

Your friend may also have a mental condition such as bi-polar. People with this condition may act strange, have mood swings, have disrupted sleeping patterns, and change their social behavior which may present much like a person on drugs. They may distance themselves from their friends and family. I am not a physician, but I do work with people with mental illness every day, and have been working with them for 21 years, so I do have some exposure.

Several years ago, I did a series on our blog entitled, "Drug Trends and Teens." I laid out some the different types of drugs that are often abused. Attached is the link: http://blog.sacpd.org/2007/02/09/drug-trends-and-teens-2/ You may want to read the article and familiarize yourself with the different types that fit the behavior of your friend. I hope you will be able to help your friend. Keep me posted.

Officer Michelle

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