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A Ghostly Text Message

Ghost Text Message

January 2, 2012
While working on a film screening of Matthew Modine’s new short film, at one of Downtown Sacramento’s notorious
haunted theatres ‘Crest Theatre’, built in 1912, I was psychically greeted by a male ‘Director’ spirit there on the
evening of December 10, 2011.

What a nice surprise it was to be contacted by said spirit while viewing the film. I remember specifically sitting on the
steps to the upper seats section of the main theatre where the film was screening. We had taped this section off, as to
keep folks closer to the stage for the Q&A that followed the short film. So, no one was sitting up there during the film.

It was about half way through the screening, when I felt someone tapping the top of my head, and I remember
thinking (before looking up to see whom was tapping me on the head) who could be up here in this section, as we
closed it all off; but after looking up to see who it was, there was no one there. So, I immediately thanked spirit for
making contact and continued watching the film.

Ten minutes before the end of the film, I noticed that the Mayor of Sacramento walked in and took a seat in the back.
I wanted to make sure my boss knew that the Mayor just arrived, so I sent her a text letting her know he was here and
where he was sitting, and then I put my phone in my pocket and didn’t use it again for about an hour —NOTE: I have
an iPhone 4S, and there is no way ‘Siri’ created this text message from the inside of my pocket (for you skeptics out

The next time (that evening) I used my phone was to text my boss to let her know that the caterer’s were running late
for the VIP reception that was taking place after the screening, when I found this text message from me to her (my
boss): “Yeah I heard you’re busy and I’m a director how are you know I’m tired [cursor]”
This is a screen shot of the message (Dec 10, 2011)
This message was typed and waiting to be sent, however, I did not write this. This text
message came from an earth-bound spirit, obviously an attachment of the Crest

I find it very interesting that spelling is pretty good, but there is no punctuation, so it
reads as a run on sentence. I also remember that while watching the film, thinking to
myself, “man I sure am tired”, which spirit mentions at the end. So in part, this is an
intelligent message response to my thoughts in real time, as well as a greeting. VERY

I have had two other ghost text experiences since December 10th. I believe our 3D
human experience is shifting into a thinning of the veils on other dimensions, and with
many variations of energetic beings; seen, heard and or projected through technology, which would explain why
texting could be a new version of EVP through paranormal experiences and or evidence.

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