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Wallpaper. at Ace of Spades

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A couple hundred people wanting to get an early start on 2012 partying headed down to Ace of Spades on Friday, where Oakland musician and frequent Sacramento visitor, Wallpaper., headlined an eclectic bill.

Starting the show was Chaotic Fusion, a drummer and DJ duo. DJ Oasis spun radio hits – "Teach Me How To Dougie," "Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff," "Last Resort" – while Radio 94.7 on-air personality Casey Lewis drummed along to the beat.

Performing next was Oakland-by-way-of-Panama Latin rap duo Los Rakas. Rhyming in Spanish over dancehall and hip-hop beats, the up and coming young pair were well-received by the slowly growing crowd.

Headliner Wallpaper. took the stage next, with the men of the group dressed to the nines in cheap tuxedos.

Ricky Reed of Wallpaper.

Wallpaper. is the solo project of Eric Frederic, who performs as Wallpaper. vocalist Ricky Reed.

Frederic received a music degree with a focus in composition from the University of California, Berkeley and now creates poppy party songs with lowest common denominator lyrics.

"That’s a grown ass woman with a grown ass," is one example from the song, "Butt2Butt” (feat. Too $hort).

Although his two LP’s are called "Doodoo Face" and "#STUPiDFACEDD," the songs are well-produced and have sharp hooks. MTV uses Wallpaper. songs on shows like Jersey Shore, and sometimes this type of music resonates with everyone (see: LMFAO).

Kicking things off with the song, "Shotgun," Reed worked to establish a connection with the Sac crowd early, referencing past visits to the city.

"We’re gonna take you right back to Press Club, Town House, Luigi’s!"

Flanked by two drummers, a standing percussionist in the back and a female vocalist/dance partner, Reed and Wallpaper stayed hyphy the whole set and made sure the crowd did too.


At one point Reed lamented the fact that it was the day before New Year’s Eve, and had the crowd do a mock countdown before performing the catchy, "Okay."

Later it was a short cover of Prince’s "1999," played with a ukulele, before another sing-along ditty, "FUCKING BEST SONG EVERRR."

After Wallpaper. came back on stage for the encore, Reed let the crowd know that the band has a tradition where they finish a bottle of Jameson before coming back on.

Stupid, but fun.

Not bad for New Year’s Eve eve.

Photos by Steven Chea

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