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The Phantom Meets the Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom Meets The Phantom of the Opera

Dr. Moriarty (the arch-nemesis) of Sherlock Holmes has created a high intensity teleportation disrupter geography dislocater trajectory beam projector. I know, that’s a mouth full, but I am telling the story the best way I can, so bear with me. This contraption has the capability of relocating the Eiffel Tower to Moscow, Russia or the Taj Mahal to Singapore by simply pointing the dislocater trajectory beam at the object of question. Dr. Moriarty plans to re-locate iconic structures to different locations, causing discord with various nations. His first practice run is with the Paris Opera House. The beam teleports the Paris Opera House to the jungles of Bangalla, Africa. The only person in the Paris Opera House is the infamous Phantom of the Opera. As the Phantom of the Opera journeys out of the Paris Opera House into the African jungles, the Ghost Who Walks or also known as The Phantom steps out to greet The Phantom of the Opera. The Phantom of the Opera looks upon the Phantom and says: "We have the same name, but our lives are completely separable in our differences, I know of you because I have read Lee Falk’s chronicles of your life. How did you lure me from Paris, France to Africa…this must be Africa…correct?" The Phantom: "Yes, this is Africa and if I recall looking at this structure, this must be the Paris Opera House. It looks to be original. How did you bring this structure upon my soil? Answer me, or face my wrath!"

The Phantom of the Opera: "I do not need to answer, I accept your challenge!" As the Bangalla tribe looks on, the Phantom of the Opera and The Phantom commence into battle. The battle is intense, while back in Paris, Dr. Moriarty has set his sights on the Eiffel Tower, he plans to teleport the Eiffel Tower to Moscow, Russia. Can Sherlock Holmes stop Dr. Moriarty in time? Can Sherlock Holmes get the Paris Opera House back to Paris? Will Dr. Moriarty be stopped…………………………..okay, enough of that…let’s get back into our own Multiverse reality. Let’s talk about a real phantom right here in our home town of Sacramento……

We will call this phantom….The Phantom of the Pocket/Greenhaven Area.

Let’s talk to Russell Keyhoe who lives in the Pocket/Greenhaven area of South Sacramento. Russell claims his home may have been built over a Portuguese cemetery. Many residents of the Pocket area make this same claim, see link to Haunted Sacramento here:

When he first moved into the home with his family 5 years ago, the activity started. Russell tells me that he never was interested in the paranormal, until things started happening to him. Russell says that his living room couch moved a good 5 feet forward on its own. His wife heard the word ‘Fantasma’, which means ‘phantom’ in Portuguese or Spanish. Russell’s wife says it was very creepy…the word Fantasma was said with a deliberate slowing down in the pronouncing of the word.

Russell does not want an investigation team at his home, he does not feel threatened by this presence. His wife, two kids have seen a man in dark clothes, the face on the entity is blurry, standing in the living room corner of the house. Russell believes this is his Fantasma, his phantom.

Russell says on other times, coffee cups have floated mid-air and will settle back down gently. Russell says that the entity is harmless, otherwise the coffee cup would have came crashing down. I suggested to Russell to place a video camera up in the most active part of his home, the living room. I also told Russell to set up a TV monitor and to sit on a chair in front of the TV monitor. If he saw a designer orb (an orb with intricate designs inside its nucleus) to command that designer orb to either sit on his lap, touch his hand, etc. This would show that the designer orb has intelligent movement. Most orbs are dust, skin flakes, lint, light refractions, etc. But, my many investigations have shown me that a certain orb, called the designer orb at times show intelligent movement or if you enhance or enlarge the photo of the designer orb, you can sometimes make out a face in the orb itself.

Russell says that a designer type of orb was circling him and he asked the orb to sit on his head. The orb landed on his head. He then told the orb to leave his head, it did. He asked the orb to sit back on his head again and it did and then he asked it to leave and it left. This showed intelligent responses to his commands, showing that this designer orb is not just dust, but that it’s an actual SCF (Spiritual Containment Field).

Russell feels the entity watches over his family. Russell and his family almost consider their ‘Fantasma’ as a pet. Their dog Truman actually chases the phantom around the house in a playful way. Russell tells me that if they are ever threatened by another entity and the day comes, that they feel scared, they will call upon me to conduct a Catholic blessing of their home. For right now, they continue on with their daily lives with a Fantasma in their beautiful Pocket home.


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