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Dam California feature film test screening

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Independent filmmaker Isaac Piche’ has scheduled a test screening in the Sacramento area for his first full feature film Dam California. The name alone suggests controversy.   

Although the film is focused on water as the necessity that it is, Piche’ chose a course that intertwines real life events and fictional characters to make his point and tagline, "Don’t Mess With Our Water." This film confronts issues between farmers, the endangered species act, and the corruption that would choose power over the balance of life. 

“This is still a work-in-progress” says 25 year old Piche’. “Dam California’ is a relevant, current issue based narrative film. Films like this, that are controversial and push the status quo, are films that must be seen now not years later. The message is urgent and the issues are hot. The test screenings let me know if the message is clear.”

Real people and real events portrayed as fictional characters and places. Moving and compelling, this story is shot in full HD with experienced crew members. The talent is SAG and non-union actors portraying intelligent, exciting and transforming characters in a film made for the big screen.

Synopsis: Michael Rodriguez comes home from two tours of combat duty to find his hometown on the brink of self-destruction. A corrupt politician has sold out his small farming town to an evil corporation (Poseidon) controlling most of the county, and the state’s water. The starving community is collapsing, while the corporation buys up the land of the failing farmers with plans to dam up the valley the town rests in.

Dr. Meghan Connors, a feisty environmental scientist, knows too much about the corporate agenda.  Connors finds a way to save the Delta Smelt and bring down the water company behind the 3 new dams.

Principal cast includes:

Jeffrey Weissman as Harvey, (Back to the Future II & III)  

Josh Reyes as Michael Rodriguez

Sarah Poynter as Dr. Meghan Conners   

Douglas Olsson as Jack O’Brian 

Steven Segal as Cleatus 

Dam California also features two original songs written for the film. California written by Jessica Norgard and Water Wars by Reade Collins.

The film was shot in various locations throughout California including Lake Tahoe, Reno, Paso Robles and many others.  

The test screening will be this Wednesday, December 21, at The Tower Theater, 421 Vernon Street, Roseville. 

The public is invited to attend the free screening, give feedback, and enjoy this family friendly film. 

This screening is sponsored by Stand Out Talent (http://standouttalent.org/). Donations to our screening sponsor are appreciated. 

Past test screenings were held at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Olympic Valley, CA, Good Luck MacBeth Theater in Reno, NV, Fresno Brewing Company and the Center for Advanced Research and Technology in Fresno. Audience members were given the opportunity to ask questions, share their impression of the film and be a part of the finished product. 

Dam California Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=SDLMoI5GVu4

Dam California website: http://www.damcalifornia.com/

Dam California Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dam-California/296581413720649


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