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Tania, An Angel Who Came Back from the Dead by Marci L. Moses

Tania the Angel

When our daughter Tania was 7 years old the cardiologists told us she was going to die. There was nothing else they could do. Then they told me I had to tell her she was dying. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. How do you tell a 7 year old child they are going to die? I had a book that my mother had given me as a child called The Littlest Angel. It was about an angel that came down when a child died, gave them their wings and took them to Heaven. I don’t really know why I read it to her but one night I did. After that, she told her counselor at school she wasn’t afraid of dying because angels were going to come down and give her wings to go to Heaven.

Then the doctors decided to transfer Tania from Sacramento to Moffit Hospital in San Francisco for an experimental procedure at the time called a Glenn Procedure. Nowadays it is a normal procedure but back then it wasn’t.

They wheeled her off to surgery and we went to the cafeteria, then to the outdoor atrium to wait. A nurse came running into the atrium and said "Thank God we found you!!! She died on the operating table!!"

I have never felt this way before or since but right then I split in two. Part of me was grieving tremendously for my poor child who died and the other part of me split and thought "I AM NOT GOING TO LET HER DIE!!!" I was two different people.

About 20 minutes later, the nurse came back and said "Oh she’s not dead anymore, isn’t that wonderful????!!!"

They explained later that yes she did die on the operating table, they defibrinated her over 30 times, they had no explanation why she came back or why they spent so long trying to resuscitate her but she was back, so they continued the surgery and it was a success.

I have never felt that way before or after.

Questions for the author, you can contact Marci L. Moses at: bossquaw00@gmail.com

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