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Scared Stiff in Roseville!

HPI Roseville Dark Force Validation Task Force

Pictures from the Roseville Investigation:

For every investigation, I need to get pumped up. Judy bought me a Monster. Well, that’s a start. I also need a good song, to pump me for a possible all night investigation. For this investigation, the song that will get me pumped up is Patrick Hernandez – Born to Be Alive! Yep, glad I am born to be a live paranormal investigator! Hear the song here:

Here is the initial report from the occupant:
Be at my house on Nov 19, Saturday at 10pm: Location: Roseville 95661. House activity: Something went into the bathroom and locked the door. It kept pounding on the light switches and the water was turned on. The mirror was fogged up and it looked like the letter "h" was written on the mirror. There’s been knocking in the walls, a man’s voice coming from the room next to mine which has been heard by other people. My dad’s clock radio kept coming on by itself, I saw foot impressions in the carpet like someone was walking towards me. I’ve been pulled out of bed, heard heavy sniffing, my phone has spun in circles, my dog growls at something she can only see. I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll have to think about it. The activity is sporadic.

Riding with me to the Roseville location in the Rusty Anomaly is Judy Raderchak / Senior Lead Investigator. Before this investigation met with Cedric L. ‘cc’ Freeman, Chantal Apodaca and Judy Raderchak and went over some equipment issues. Cedric is an IT person and assists us with various IT computer issues.

HPI Paranormal Investigators/(HPI Roseville Dark Force Validation Task Force) Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager; Judy Raderchak/Senior Lead Investigator/Technician/Automatic Writer/Videographer; Lisa & Bob Steele; Regina Tellez/Senior Lead Investigator; Kareen & Jesse Peevyhouse; James Smith; Deanna Bailey; Jon Koyasako; Christina George/Senior Lead Investigator; Karen Stanley.

HPI Family Members/RPI (Roland Paranormal Investigations): Steve Roland, Kimberlie Walker, Robert Triplett, Kristi Wheeler, Ryan Wheeler, Angel Kesti.

Guest: Oscar Benjamin of Examiner.com – Correspondent, Columnist & Photographer – Compassionate Wolf Productions

Occupants: Lisa and Bob Steele.

Special Note: Kyle Humburg of East Bay Paranormal contacted me and they had an odd case in Sacramento. The client in Sacramento wanted an immediate investigation, so I had to send out an HPI splinter group to investigate. That splinter group is: Deanna, Kareen, Jesse and Regina. Here is a quick summary of what happened and has been happening. The occupant Jerry Francisco says that he is poked, pushed, pinched wherever he goes. Jerry says there is tapping and knocking noises throughout the house. My investigators captured some flashlight and K2 communication with the entity. The investigators heard a small child crying with their own ears. On their video, they captured a tiny orb move up and then down from the occupant’s leg. Regina and Kareen conducted a Catholic blessing of the home. Kareen was the initial cleanser and Regina followed around dispersing the holy water. More will follow about this investigation.

Now to the Roseville Investigation:
There are 3 areas to cover. 1. Kitchen/Patio/Backyard. 2. Main Living Room. 3. Bedrooms. Breaking up the group into 3 groups. My lead investigators for each group are: Judy Raderchak, Angel Kesti and Kareen Peevyhouse. Conducted the initial briefing. We will have 1 forty five minute investigation with an evidence briefing afterwards. The next session will be a séance and I will explain why we changed our 3 investigative session rule in a minute.

The 3 teams were Team Henry lead by Judy Raderchak; Team Angel lead by Angel Kesti and Team Maidu lead by Kareen Peevyhouse. At base camp it was revealed that investigators heard bangings on the wall, tappings on the walls. During the initial briefing we heard tappings on the wall and we could not determine how the tapping sounds were being made. A Ouija board was found under Lisa’s bed, it was pulled out and when it was pulled out, a growling sound was heard. At one time, investigators heard the cabinets banging. Some orb photos were captured (inconclusive), a growl was heard in the kitchen. An investigator saw a black shadowy thing crawl underneath the stool. Angel heard her name called. There was some flashlight communication (inconclusive). The flashlight communication indicated the entity was related to Lisa and that it was there to protect Lisa.

What the investigators witnessed next, was dramatic and yet questionable. Due to the severity of the drama witnessed, it will remain confidential.

During a dramatic scene during the séance, voices were heard in the kitchen that cannot be explained. It appears Lisa may be haunted, not the house. I will make one more comment. "When doors are open, sometimes they are hard to close. You must in your heart, want that door to close, so others may assist you. If you do not want the door closed, it will remain open. Will this haunting continue? Yes, it will, until the day you are determined to close the door for good. In demonology, they say demons attack the weak, they seek out people that have an instability in their life. We all had instability in our lives, but our strength is within our souls, are inner being. We can overcome anything we seek out to overcome. You must call upon your inner strength and when you do, we will be here to help. Godspeed."


I am walking along a flowery meadow when I come to a cliff. I look down and I cannot see the bottom. I fall off the cliff and as I am falling, I get closer to the ground and I see jagged rocks. I know I am a goner..when at the last moment….a huge Eagle grabs my back and I am saved.

But, this is a temporary fix, because the huge Eagle dumps me into the ocean and I can’t swim. I am sinking, sinking. I am gulping for air, but I know I am drowning. Then all of a sudden a huge submarine is underneath me and raises me to the surface. There are men that come out of the submarine and they are cheering me. I am thankful that I am alive. I turn around briefly and I look at the men that are cheering me and they are no longer cheering me, they are now staring at me and they all look like zombies. The weather is no longer nice and a storm is brewing and then I wake up. Paul, what do you think this means?

Paul Dale Roberts, Dreamologist’s Interpretation:
Paul’s Interpretation: Seems like you keep falling down and then you are lifted up. Your life goes in cycles. There are uplifting times and then there are times in which you feel you have failed, or fallen. You are unsure of your future and you see gloom ahead. You must continue to have a positive outlook on your life, or you will continue to have these type of nightmares. When you face a pothole in the road, you must learn to overcome it and move on. Do not dwell over the pothole. Good luck my friend!

Sherrie Kuar from Barnes & Nobles in Natomas!

Special Note: I want to thank Lisa & Bob Steele for the coffee, sodas, chips and dip, M&Ms that they provided for my group.

See Chantal, Shannon, Judy, Jennifer, Sally, Yolanda on My Ghost Story:

Haunting of a Child in Sacramento

HPI Investigation location: Sacramento,CA
Written by: Judy Raderchak

HPI investigators who attended : Kareen Peevehouse, Lead Investigator; Jesse Peevehouse, videographer; Regina Tellez, HPI investigator; Deanne Bailey, HPI investigator

Saturday November 2011

I was informed about the Hayward case by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Manager AKA "The Demon Warrior".
The client informed Paul that he needed help ASAP. Stefanie Paige-Belson, HPI Psychic, had talk to the client several times but was unable to schedule a time to see him.

Kareen called Paul and told him she was willing to drive down there with a team and investigate.

Paul informed her that the client of the home had been poked and extremely bothered by an unknown entity. The client needed a cleansing of the home.

Kareen wrote down all of the detailed information on how to do a proper cleansing and took the small group of HPI soldiers into battle with the unknown.

It was a long 2 hour car ride with many pit stops due to "Regina’s tiny bladder"; as Kareen had told me.

When they arrived to they got right into it and started the briefing with the client.

The occupant told the investigators, he was trying to protect his family and he didn’t want them involved. He only wanted confirmation and for the entity to stop bothering him.

The occupant informed the investigators that when a relative of his was passing away, the family got together and talked to a female spiritualist. The Spiritualist claimed to be able to channel the dead. In his culture, this woman was held in very high regards and has been well known throughout his families native land. He tried to contact his very close cousin who had passed, but the spiritualist told him that his cousin did not want to. He then asked the spiritualist if his cousin could come into his dream and she said yes. He told the group that he has seen his cousin in his dreams but that his cousin just stands there not saying anything. Could the entity in his home be his cousin or is the spirit attached to his homeland?

The investigation began in the living room and immediately they all heard tapping coming from the kitchen. Deanna then went into the kitchen while Jesse, Kareen and Regina stayed in the living room. The tapping began again. Deanna listened and then she heard the sound come from behind her. She turned around and saw what looked like a closet door. She opened up the closet door and went inside. She turned on the light and realized it was the garage. They are all walking into the garage and suddenly Kareen got an over whelming feeling that they were in the presence of a small child. She asked the occupant if there was a child spirit in the home. He informed her that they recently has a spiritualist in the home that confirmed that there was a presence of a little girl spirit. They all got the chills.

The investigators began to do recordings of EVP’s ,while the flashlight and the K2 lay out on a table. When Regina asked several questions she started to feel very sad. Regina asked the child spirit if she was lost and if she missed her mommy. The flashlight went on and the K2 went to red.

The flashlights and K2 had gone on/off several times in response to questions asked. Both Regina and Jesse felt a cold breeze pass on the back of their legs, knee high. Kareen had felt as if someone or something ice cold held her hand. There were no doors or windows open to explain where the cold breeze had come from.

Kareen then asked the client to ask questions to see if his cousin was there with them, but they did not get any responses. She encouraged him to speak in his familie’s native language and still no response. They asked if it was a child, yes, flashlight and K2 went on. The conversation continued with the spirit, but when they started to tell it goodbye the K2 would go all the way to red as if the spirit was telling them to stay.

After investigating the garage, they investigated other areas of the home. While Jesse and Deanna were doing EVPs in the living room they heard with their own ears, as well as picked up on the recorder what sounded like a child whimpering. The noise was coming from the kitchen. The investigation concluded that a spirit of a child was in the home and that there were possible other spirits.

The Blessing :
Kareen and Regina began the cleansing of the home. Both Investigators told me that they had felt very emotional and sad. They felt as though they had to fight, as if some unknown force was fighting back. They cleansed the house from top to bottom forcing the spirit(s) to leave. When they drew towards the kitchen the table cloth moved and a child’s whimper was heard coming from under the table. Kareen lay the cross on the table and the spirit seemed to be running frantically as being chased out of the home.

When the blessing was over the occupant sat on the couch as if to expect someone or something to sit next to him. He replied to Kareen "I guess it worked this time."

In conclusion:
It seems the child spirit does not have anything to do with the client or his family; it has to do with the home. The spirit seems to want attention and wants to be known and accepted by the family. I think sometimes the occupants of a home need to have the strength to either get along with the spirit or tell it to get out, but for now we pray the occupant can let her go.

In the end, a name was giving for this child spirit , "Kayley". We pray that this spirit can find rest.

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