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Turkey Distribution

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On Monday, November 21, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS), a local non-pofit organization serving families in need,  will host its annual turkey and holiday food distribution. On this special day SFBFS will serve thousands of Sacramento families experiencing hardship this season. There are no zip code restrictions to receive holiday food, only a limit of one per household.

This year’s distribution is different from previous years in that SFBFS will offer one longer day of service instead of two days of morning-only service. In an effort to assist working families, SFBFS will begin service at 8am and go well into the late afternoon/early evening.

Turkey distribution will begin at 8am and tickets will be distributed, one per household, beginning at 6am – first come, first served. SFBFS will distribute all of the turkeys that are collected on Friday, November 18 during the annual Turkey Drive with KCRA. Any turkeys collected over the goal will be shared with other pre-determined charities.

The line to receive a turkey moves very quickly and there is no advantage to arriving at SFBFS before 8am. Some individuals who arrived around 10am or 11am last year to receive a turkey reported only waiting in line for 15-20 minutes and that the line moved the entire time. While there is no specific amount of time an individual may stand in the line, SFBFS’ primary goal is to serve famlies in need as quickly as possible.

No camping will be allowed overnight, please do not arrive to line up before 6am. No preference will be given for any family or individual over another, everyone must wait in the same line. There are no pick-ups allowed on behalf of other family members, neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. – families must be present to receive a turkey and fixin’s. It is recommended that individuals bring a cart to transport one turkey and two bags of fixin’s. Every family will receive the exact same items and turkeys will be passed out in random order – household size does not determie turkey size. Parking is very limited so please be prepared to park and walk a few blocks to reach the distribution line. It can be very cold so please bundle up, but remember to removed your gloves at the front of the line to receive a hand stamps. The event will take place rain or shine.

Volunteers from PG&E along with SFBFS staff and volunteers will be working to serve as many families in need as fast as possible. SFBFS strives to create a positive atmosphere and serve all families with respect and dignity. This is a fun day filled with music and greetings from a turkey mascot!

It is very important that all families have the opportunity to be together on Thanksgiving with a meal. If anyone is unable to attend SFBFS’ one day distribution on Monday, November 21, they are encouraged to contact InfoLine Sacramento by dialing (916) 498-1000.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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