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Haunted HPI Ghost Tour

Morris Solomon Jr. aka The Carpenter Killer

Haunted HPI Ghost Tour
Saturday November 5, 2011
Judy Raderchak- Lead Investigator HPI
Accompanied by HPI Investigators- Regina Tellez, Karen Stanley, Jesse and Kareen Peevehouse

I arrived at Starbucks off of Broadway in Sacramento (1429 Broadway) at 3:30pm were I met my tour group. We got some hot coffee and prayed the rain would die down. We hopped in our cars and drove down Broadway to the Sacramento Old City Cemetery. Shortly after arriving Jesse got a hit on his K2 meter while reading the names off a mausoleum. The K2 went off several more times even though there were no electrical lines in the area. Kareen had some problems taking pictures and then her batteries drained on her recorder. Jesse and Regina took many pictures and one appeared to have an orb, with a face of a woman in it. Both Kareen and I felt heaviness in our chests while walking up to a large mausoleum. We got an EVP of a women’s voice whisper, but was unable to understand what she was saying. We investigated until 5:00pm and then went back to Starbucks to review the evidence.

At 5:40pm drove to an undisclosed location in William Land Park. We investigated the location where Morris Solomon Jr. aka the Carpenter Killer had beaten a women to death. The K2 hit once and we had some issues trying to take pictures. We could not say it was paranormal but it did seem strange.

We ventured over to Dorothea Puente house and took pictures on the outside. We did not stay long due to the freezing cold and rain. So we decided to head to the “Martinez House”. There have been several claims of paranormal activity surrounding the area. Currently no one lives in the home. As Kareen and I peered inside, it looked as if a door open on its own inside of the dining room. It was later debunked due to a light refraction.

The next location was Evangeline’s in Old Sacramento. I informed everyone of the history gathered from the store’s website and we walked around the store for a bit. I tried to get us access to the upstairs but employees were taking down the Halloween decorations, so we were unable to.

On a whim we decided it would be fun to check out the Delta King. We entered the restaurant on the ship and talk to the manager who wished to remain anonymous. He had informed me that he had worked there for 20 years and had never had any paranormal experiences. He wanted to clear up the misconceptions about the Delta King being haunted. I talked to an employee, Jeremy, he said he had never experienced anything but had heard stories of a little girl haunting the ship. When we wandered the halls of the ship I ran into a man who had said he believed it was haunted and said he remembers an old employee who had hung himself. He informed me that there were 2 suicides on the ship. Whether his story is true, is unknown. We continued to investigate the upper and lower decks from the front to the back of the ship. The only thing we picked up on was a strange cold spot in the middle of the theater entry way. So we continued to interview those on the ship. I talked to Matt and Forest who are performers for the Dinner Theater at the Delta King. Matt performs as a police officer and tells me he has been a cop for 21 years. I asked them both if they thought the ship was haunted and both of them had said they did not. Forest tells me, he is the biggest skeptic when it comes to ghosts. So I asked him what he thought when it comes to UFOs he says “I’m not an anti-government Fox Mulder, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were aliens.” I went into the manager’s office and thanked him for letting us wonder around his ship. He was very nice and even walked us out while chatting about the movies and politics. It was a wonderful night with lots of adventure and interesting people.

Thanks Paul Dale Roberts for letting me run it!

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