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Is trick-or-treating what it used to be?

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Is Halloween what it once was? Events hosted by churches, schools and businesses, as well as parents dropping their children off in wealthy neighborhoods, may have eclipsed the good old-fashioned door-to-door trick-or-treating.

“I think parents are much more cautious than they used to be,” said Lourdes Brown, an office manager at the Capital Heights Academy, an elementary school located at 2520 33 st.

Aveola Abedipe, a teacher at the Phoenix Private Preschool(600 I st.) said that the school offers a Halloween party because parents of preschool children don’t commonly take their kids out on Halloween anymore.

“I think some schools offer parties for children. We host a party with candy and decorations, and it is open to the public as well,” Abedipe said.

Abedipe and William Land Elementary School Receptionist Paula Maran said that another alternative to trick-or-treating is church events.

“River Life Covenant Church (4401 A st.) puts on a Halloween event, and I know of some churches in Midtown that do too,” Maran said.

Children can also go to the mall for candy and haunted fun. Westfield Downtown Plaza will have treats, decorations, a spooky fun house and maze to enjoy on Sunday.

Angela Hassle, a receptionist at the Mustard Seed school for homeless kids, said businesses along J and K streets will be giving out candy to trick-or-treater’s on Monday as well.

“There is a party in the Wells Fargo building. And lots of the stores give out candy,” Abedipe said.

The Hines Corp., the owner of the Wells Fargo building at 400 Capitol Mall, puts on a Halloween party in the Wells Fargo lobby.

"Midtown does a trick-or-treat day," said Washington Elementary School principal Marilyn Collins.

While events may have become a popular alternative to trick-or-treating, some parents still drop their children off in neighborhoods to give them a taste of the real thing.

“Parents will drop off their kids in the ‘Fabulous 40’s’ or East Sacramento because these are nicer neighborhoods than some of the others in town,” Maran said.

The “Fabulous 40’s” is a neighborhood in East Sacramento famous for having some of the largest houses in the city.

“I used to go to the ‘Fabulous 40’s’ thinking they would give out more candy,” said Melissa Krause of the Courtyard Private School. “I think parents take their kids there because they think it’s safer too.”

Collins believes that walking the neighborhood has not gone out of fashion.

"The neighborhoods are still very popular. Some people drive to the ‘fab 40’s’ or Land Park, but most people still go through the neighborhood door-to-door. It just depends on what part of town it is," she said.

But for the best decoration, Maran suggests visiting T and 56th streets.

“T and 56 goes all out and completely decorates the block,” Maran said.

Where do you suggest trick-or-treating this Halloween? Leave your comments below. 

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