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Morris Baseball league moves to new heights

Photo essay by Dan Ward


Baseball in Sacramento is extending its reach to a higher medium. The Morris brother’s baseball league is now producing podcast shows, along with launching their clothing line online.

The Morris league started up back in 2007, when the two brothers were playing catch at the Sacramento State dorm fields. While seeing others play they decided to start up a pick-up game at a local park. From there they saw the potential to do more than just play a game here and there. Donte and Dominic Morris saw a league happening. After countless hours of research and fundraising the Morris brothers started up their first season with two teams and since then building over the years to have more teams.

Five years later the Morris brothers are still successful and now want to expand their reach. The brothers originally always had their Hats and shirts for sell, but now with their new online store in the works their pushing out for more. With more color styles for hats, shirts, tank tops, hoodies and other merchandise on its way.

Donte and Dominic Morris are both CSUS graduates with business degrees and they are putting that experience to good use. Along with the new merchandise line launch, they extended their voice to the media literally. With two new podcasts in which one airs weekly on Sundays nights at 10pm on u-stream.

The first podcast is about local baseball talk and interviews with members of the of the Morris league including athletes, coaches and more.

The second podcast which comes along with a show viewed on u-stream is called the “Sacramento Sunset”. The Sacramento sunset airs Sunday nights at 10pm. The show consists of two recent graduates from CSUS, Britney Rossman and Vince Vicari who are the hosts of the show. The show covers popular news and interesting topics for mostly college and post graduate students’.

The Morris brothers would like to expand out even more throughout the Sacramento area and other locations. They would to take everything to its full potential. Going national is the mindset for the brothers.


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