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Zombies ‘Thrill’ with Sac Ballet Flashmob

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The Sacramento Ballet can never be accused of élitism.  Not when it dresses up as zombies and arranges a "Thriller" flashmob dance and encourages everyone to join in!

Last week we attended a ‘performance rehearsal’ at the Sac Ballet studios for the work-in-progress of the upcoming performance of ‘Dracula‘.  The news is that it looks great! – Lots of exposed necks and flashing fangs and swirling velvet capes, even if Vincent Price won’t be in it. Smart patrons have already got their tickets booked (we have). Spooky haloween-themed fun, but without the high fructrose corn syrup!

But, after the rehearsal, there was a rehearsal of another kind  – As the audience filed out, another group was making their way in to the studio – not to watch, but to dance (or at least to practice dancing) the ‘Thriller’ dance sequence from Michael Jackson’s classic video of the same name.

I’d guess about 60 people showed up to dance, some of whom had already practiced with the YouTube video that SB had posted earlier. My three kids plus a neighbor’s daughter gave it a try led by the amazingly talented (if a little hoarse) MC;  Chris Nachtrab.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was a lot of fun…..

So, a week later, after practice with the videos, we were ready to go, so down to 20th Street, betwixt J and K.

I. Had. No. Idea. that this was the location of the Midtown Modern Arts Festival so was shocked when I saw how many people were there and parking was difficult so we got there about sixty seconds before the dance started. I shuffled my kids in to the crowd and surged to the front to take photos, having to hold the camera above my head to get any shots.

After the dance, we regrouped and looked around. Some of the dancers and other people in costume gathered preparing for a video interview so I go the kids to hang out there while I took some more photos. They turned out rather nicely!

India Urquhart and Genevieve Hornback posing by the Sacramento Philharmonic booth
India being ghoulish with a zombie.
Zombie lady


Zombies Genevieve and India sneak up on Max.

OK, so I know it’s a lot of pictures of my own kids, but I try to make them interesting – so sue me!

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