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Sacramento State arson attack.

Today two windows were broken in order to let smoke out during a arson fire on the Sacramento State campus.

     Photo essay by Dan ward

Today on the Sacramento State campus two buildings were caught on fire. The first building was Mendocino hall. The building recorded the fire to start around 2:58pm.

The fire took place on the 4th floor. Reports show that it started in a chair and the faculty and students were to be evacuated quickly. A professor and floor Marshall Matthew Mills helped a good majority of the students and faculty evacuate the premises while the fire engines arrived at the scene. There were no injuries however was student was caught in the fire but was quickly rescued.

Shortly followed by the first fire another fire was broke out in Mariposa hall. The fire started from the interior design classroom. From the damage, two windows were broken in order to release the smoke. The fire in Mariposa happen roughly 10-15 mins after the first fire.

Officials are examining the sights overnight. For the moment, there is no evidence to display of who might have started this. The arsonist also might have started a garbage can fire over by the tennis courts. No stories are shown yet about how big that fire was.

Also stated classes held in these buildings have strong chances of not being held due to the fire. Sac State officials said there are no intentions of relocating any classes at this moment. The buildings are suppose to reopen at 8am on Friday morning, but further news with be disclosed on whether classes will be held.

The photo taken was off my cell phone. Check back for more photos through out this weekend and updates on this current story.

Check out the statehornet.com for more details about today’s fire.


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