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Film “Mother…Caring for 7 Billion” to show Oct. 12

A free local premier of the film, “Mother…Caring for 7 Billion” will show on Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 6pm, at the Turner Library, 1212 Merkley Ave, West Sacramento. The award-winning film focuses on the harmful effects that world overpopulation and overconsumption have on the environment. On a hopeful note, it suggests ways we can act individually to help bring about a sustainable future for our children.

The global population is approaching 7 billion, and is growing at the cancerous rate of another Sacramento every two days. Scientists say that world population is approaching the environmental breaking point, or has already moved beyond it. The staggering global population size and growth rate, along with the massive consumption they drive, are depleting the world’s water supplies, fisheries, fossil fuels and available cropland. Conflict, inequalities, and starvation are the inevitable results.

The film points out that environmental fixes can succeed only if we bring global population and our personal consumption habits down to sustainable levels. The message is that it is time to become better stewards of our Earth. The film shows how each of us can contribute toward sustainability by supporting women’s empowerment and family planning, voting for conservation, contacting policy makers on family planning decisions, and donating to charities dedicated to population stability and conservation.

This presentation is sponsored by The Sierra Club, Mother Lode Chapter, Committee for a Sustainable World Population(CSWP). Contact 916 442 2661, or revwin@yahoo.com

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