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City Makes Records Available Online

In order to provide the community with greater and quicker access to public records the City of Sacramento has launched a new online record library. (http://records.cityofsacramento.org). There are over 100,000 records currently in the online library with more being added every week. Currently searchers can look up meeting minutes, resolutions, and ordinances passed by the City Council 1921-present. Also available are City Council staff reports dating back to 1990 and budget records back to the 1921. New record series are currently being prepared for transfer to the online library for review. The City Clerk is excited as this will provide unprecednted access to citizens, visitors, and researchers who previously had to make a request for records to be made available for examination.  

“It is very exciting to be able to provide these records to the public online. In the past citizens could have to wait several days while staff did manual searches through records. Now citizens are able to research, view and print the City’s most requested records on demand.” Shirley Concolino, City Clerk.

The City Council approved the digital record repository and workflow project to streamline the legislative process and meet the goals of the City Council’s green initiative, known as Citywide Content Management (CCM). The online library is part the of the CCM project led by the Office of the City Clerk and the City’s Central IT Department. Since the project’s implementation the City has been able to shift to a digital delivery of City Council meeting materials, significantly reduce its dependence on paper intensive processes and file systems; and continues to reduce the City’s need for offsite record storage. The digital repository has also substantially improved staff, and now citizen, access to the historical records of the City and City Council that previously had been cumbersome and time consuming to search.

For more information about the online record library contact Wendy Klock-Johnson, Assistant City Clerk, at (916) 808-7509 or at wkjohnson@cityofsacramento.org.

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