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McKinley Park, mecca for ghosts and spirits

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The Celebrities Psychic/Life Coach NANCY BRADLEY

PHOTO of NANCY’S crew on this investigation: The investigative crew of Gold Rush Ghosts International Paranormal Investigations and the television show Investigating The Unknown in front of the Rose Garden at McKinley Park, Sacramento, Ca. Left back: Danielle Carpenter, Right Back: Wayne Peterson. Front L. to R. Liz Harrison, Laura Martucci, Judy cooper, Cindy Wingard, and Cat Noble.

McKinley Park is situated between midtown and east Sacramento and was originally constructed in 1871 at what old timers tell us was the end of the original trolley line. Of course that information was passed down from grandparents to those that are now grandparents, but at that time the park was called East Park and was re-named McKinley Park in 1901 after the assassination of President McKinley. The only distinction between this park named in honor of the fallen president and many other parks scattered around the world, is the history of this park is one that seems to have followed it into today. Ghosts and spirits from the past, women with parasols and hoop skirts, men with big brimmed hats and some in coveralls show up on occasion, as do little girl children in ringlets and young boys told to “slowdown and behave” by their long deceased parents, as well as a few elementals in the form of tree faeries that also seem to be comfortable enough there to hang around. And at night, if you are lucky, and just a slight bit psychic, you just may have encountered a few of them. The park today, as it was way back when, is a gathering spot for families and friends, but at night, although lights are around it, it can be dense in places, with only rays of brightness slowly filtering out from between the trees and shrubbery. It is an enchanting place for folklore and vivid imaginations, and more likely than not, importantly, real entities from the past.

Over the years Sacramento’s own McKinley Park took many a turn from good to bad, increased property to decreasing and according to ‘old timers’, changing boundaries lines to allow for freeways and establishments. Still, McKinley Park held its ground (pun intended), and today the major part of the park consists of about a four square block located at 601 Alhambra Blvd. It is considered by many to be a beautiful photogenic park, a place where many a photographer comes to take photos of a wedding party, celebrate anniversaries, snap photos of the trees, buildings, and wildlife, and ever so often, one of those photos will show up with a ghost or spirit from the past on it. Interestingly, they can show up anywhere in the park, be it the Rose Gardens, around the pond, tennis courts, soccer field, baseball fields, horseshoe sand pits, jungle gyms, swings and slides, picnic tables, swimming and wading pools, the library, community center, taking a boat ride on the small lake, or jogging trail, both day and evenings. Trying to get a ghost of film however is as always a crap shoot. But if you are planning a jog, and want to put yourself more in line for a possible ghostly encounter, you just might want to get a friend or two and take the trail just about dusk. Seems most encounters in that area of the park happen at dusk, later in the evening, or very early morning just as the sun is coming up. For the rest of the park, you with camera in hand, any time could pick up an entity…or not, although we have found, the Rose Garden is very heavy with elemental and spirit activity.

But who are these ghosts and spirits? First of all we need to identify the difference between what is a ghost and what is a spirit. A ghost is an imprint, like a videotape of someone or something that was once at the site. The person is no longer there, but the ‘memory’ of them or the event remains. A spirit on the other hand is a deceased person, one who you can communicate with if you and they chose to do so. Sometimes spirits simply hang around certain places out of familiarity or because they like the place, some come and go as we do. Imprints stay. Getting a true ghost or spirit photo can be tricky, but wonderful when it happens.

Any time you have a building, establishment, home, park, cemetery, or in fact, any area that has seen living activity for centuries, long periods of time, you can expect ghostly imprints at one time or another. The images are set in time and they can become visible at any time. I remember once being on the lake in Central Park in New York, when all I could see were women in row boats, with large hats and full crinoline skirts, fans in their hands, and men rowing, also in full coats and trousers, also in hats happily paddling around the lake. Knowing about ghosts of course, I knew the images would fade fast, much too fast, but I enjoyed the feeling of being a part, if only for a few seconds, of an earlier, simpler time. Concerning McKinley Park in Sacramento, California, there have been similar stories told over the years, from one generation to another, grandmother to grandchild, and some have gone on to become legends, some considered faulty memories, but many known to be actual events that though generally taking up small amounts of time, were actual realities in the form of the abstract. And then of course, there are all the photos.

Laura Martucci and Elizabeth Harrison, investigators and reporters with Gold Rush Ghosts International Paranormal Investigations and the television show Investigating the Unknown became interested in exploring the possibilities of ghosts and spirits at the park when Martucci felt strange occurrences in the area. Having a keen sense of the paranormal having been with GRG for many years, she wanted to explore further. At the time I was on assignment for another television show and would not be able to go along on this investigation. The advanced crew of Gold Rush Ghosts would take on the project. They know their stuff, no problem there.

According to Martucci, the activity was as followed. “On a first preliminary visit to the park, I met a couple who lived near the park. They told me about the park having benches what were in memory of loved ones that are passed. The benches were near the Shepard Garden and Art Center part of the park. When my husband Mark and I took photos around the trees we did get some orbs and I felt the energy of long ago as being wonderful. I also felt elemental energy and that of alien energy as well. It was then that I made the decision that we should bring our group of professionals from Gold Rush Ghosts International to the site to see what the group could ‘uncover’. (Pun intended.)

“In June of 2011 I took Liz Harrison from Gold Rush Ghosts to the park for another preliminary investigation and we started at the Shepard Art Center and then proceeded to the Rose Garden. Liz’s battery in her camera immediately went dead (it was newly charged) which is always a sign that spirit energy is present as spirits drain battery (and electric) energy. In the Rose Garden I felt the best energy that I have felt in a long time, I felt simply at peace. Soon the battery was up and working again, so we walked our way around the park, able to obtain orbs and possible forms at most locations. We decided we had enough proof for the group to make a date to look things over.

“On Sept. 26th, 2011, the group investigation was formed. During that time I turned to my right and took pictures of the path and bushes and then the trees where a photo of what appeared to be a fairy (elemental) was secured. It was taken in the Rose Garden, where I felt the most peace in previous investigations. Elementals are so beautiful, but generally that type of energy is not as precise on film as this one was, this photo was intense and quite amazing. I asked the crew to really work on this area after securing that photo to see what they were able to obtain. Judy and Liz video taped there and the rest of the crew took pictures. The photos at this area were very productive, and will be further tested by authorities. It certainly gave us hope that this investigation would be interesting at best.

OTHERS IN THE GROUP OBTAINED GREAT ENERGY AND ORB PHOTOS AT THIS SITE. The faerie photo has been sent out for further analysis, and NO abnormality has shown up in the film.

According to Elizabeth Harrison “Our first visit to the park was very pleasant but there were live folks still enjoying the park and they were all over the place. As the night air settled in and as the darkness fell, the voices of the park goers disappeared. Laura and I walked around various parts of the park and then settled in on specific areas. Just outside the Rose Garden sign produced great energy, and at that moment the meter on my camera battery dropped off. We felt uplifted as we then had confirmation of spirit activity from the camcorder. We proceeded to the pond area where we were able to obtain several pictures containing orbs. We walked the playground area and in front of the library and then to the side which is the entrance to the pool, and then back to the Rose Garden. We both felt giddy while taking this walk, and on later investigation discovered that this was the area where Laura was able to secure a photo of a faerie. Elemental energy always makes you feel happy. Shortly after this we left as it was getting late, and we knew we would have to obtain a pass to be in the park after dark. I would call in the morning to secure one.

“Several days later I did call the park office to obtain a pass for being in the park after dark from the park officials so our group could enter the park on Sept. 26th.

“On this visit to the park however, with the group, it was not the same. The air was very think and the energy was very different. The park was busier with live people still about, (surprisingly because it was after dark) than it was the first times we visited. Besides there being live folks about, there was a different feeling in the park, noticeably different. By that I mean the first time just Laura and I went to the park the energy was very energetic and giddy. At that time Laura and I were right on with the readings we were getting from the batteries and when she would come to tell me what she was feeling I was able to show her the camera changes that proved what she was feeling. When we went the second time the air was very still and kind of stuffy. As the live visitors left the park we were able to manage to get some pictures with orbs and luckily the video photos also were productive. We are certainly open for another visit to this park, and suggest other investigative groups that are only interested in truth also look into the productivity of ghost/spirit and elemental activity here. ”

Always when seeing orbs in your photos it is a good idea to get a magnifying glass to see if there are faces in them. When there are, you are dealing with spirit activity, not dots of water, moisture, dust, or debris.

According to investigator Wayne Peterson, “When I first arrived I was excited to get started. Walking west around the park, I felt the urge to photograph the children’s play area. As we circled around to the library I felt something brush my left hand and I turned and took picture # 29 and # 30 which will be included into this article. I saw a face in the orb and tried talking to it. Then we proceeded around the building and I felt the urge to take pictures # 45 and 46. I saw a woman’s face with the distinct outline of her hair and eyes. I continued around to the east side and the trees were full of orbs. There was a bright green dot in picture # 40 which I am certain was not an entity, but UFO activity. Unfortunately, it was not clear enough to reproduce for this article. We continued to the south side at the Rose Garden and there were orbs everywhere. Obviously there is room for us to do another investigation here to see what else we are able to come up with.”

Danielle Carpenter is a very gifted Psychic, one of the only people I trust to give psychic impressions when I am not on an investigation. Enclosed here are her thoughts about McKinley Park. You can pretty much take what she says to the bank! Danielle stated: “Overall, when we first arrived at the Park I felt there was just too much going on, making it hard to focus. There were a lot of people still the park, and the human and animal energy was just intense. It was hard to zero in on any spirit energy. When it finally did get dark and some of the people left, we went through the park and the trees. I was able to feel a sense of relief that there was finally some calmness. I especially felt calm in the Rose Garden, but the spirit energy was still muted. I did take several pictures of trees hoping to get something on film but did not get anything I could prove was spirit or ghostly activity. I also took a lot of pictures by the pond, again, I felt there could be a lot going on, but my meter reader did not detect anything. I was actually feeling anxious as well, hoping for some activity, but I never had a sense of fear even when it was pitch black.

“When we went over to the Library, I was able to pick up a male energy from a psychic perspective, and at that site I took the attached pictures that do have an entity of a masculine orb in them. I liked his energy, it was heavier and grounding.

“I also was able to get a different feeling at another location. I was taking pictures of the same tree where my Mom (Laura Martucci) got her cool angel or faerie photo, and a bright faerie orb showed up in that photo, and it is attached to this article. I felt a child in the area, but her energy was coming in and out so fast I could not pin-point her movements quickly enough to obtain a photo.

“Other than that, I really did enjoy the Rose Garden most of all at the Park. It was a calming and peaceful place.”

From the assessment of Judy Cooper “I was taking pictures and capturing Orbs during the evening, but it seemed that there were a lot of spirits moving about swiftly, especially through the Rose Garden. Usually to me, I sense spirits moving around a little slower, but likely they were moving around so swiftly because we were outdoors in wide open spaces as opposed to being inside a building because they have more room to move around.”

PHOTO: From Judy Cooper in the Rose Garden

From Cat Noble, always the teacher and the person we can look to for looking at things analytically and from the teacher standpoint, “I had the ‘night shot’ setting on when filming video of the area around the pool. I held the camera very still, but it wasn’t focusing on anything – the video was very fuzzy. It was so fuzzy that there was nothing recognizable in my viewfinder except for a glow from a really fuzzed out lamppost at the far end of the sidewalk. I panned the camera to my left, to see if the view would change the focus, and it did improve to what one would expect to see on a ‘night shot’ setting. I then panned to the right, to the spot I was filming before, and the view was not fuzzy. Everything was clear, though the camera was aimed at the same spot where there was nothing recognizable before. My feet never moved from the spot where I was standing when I began filming there. THAT was the only thing I experienced that while filming at the park.”

From the notes of Cindy Wingard, “When we arrived at the park it was still busy with live people mulling around, and I did not immediately pick up on activity. I tried to use the heat meter but most of the readings were about the same. When we walked over by the pond the group split up a bit and I had a feeling to take a photo of the bench beside me. I thought I heard the name ‘William’ being called but there was no one there. The photo taken at the spot was to show an orb just above the bench, where the man’s head would be if he were sitting on the bench. I began shooting away, and in that same area while I picked up goose bumps, I was able to secure several other orbs on film.

“I then moved to the playground area, tried for readings but nothing showed up for confirmation on our meters. I do have photos of numerous orbs in the playground and I got a friendly feeling in that area, I could feel kids playing there although that part of the park was vacant at that time.

“We then moved around the building which points to the entrance to the library, and then along the walls of the building and then to the tree where Laura experienced the faerie. At the Rose Garden I was able to secure photos with orbs on them this second time, and I immediately got a reading on the meter and with a video camera. Then the meter dropped from 83 to 49 in one spot, and I quickly took a photo of that site and an orb appeared. The spirits in the park were moving so fast were having trouble getting readings. Maybe they were playing with us.”

Interesting investigation. I will want to go along next time myself to see what transpires with these fast moving entities. It is clear that this park is in need of more exploration, and explanation. Exactly the type of investigation we love to be on.


The Celebrities Psychic/Life Coach NANCY BRADLEY is one of the top ten psychics in the world and is seen on Television all over the country. She is a regular on GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO # 31/13 CBS the second Friday morning of every month. The video of some of her latest appearances on that show answering viewer questions, can be found on the front page of her WEB at: WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG. She is the author of six books, including BE A GHOSTBUSTER, which teaches everyone how to be their own investigator. She and her husband Robert Reppert run GOLD RUSH GHOSTS INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS, where they legitimize psychic and paranormal work and only report truth. More information about GRG and NANCY’S television show Investigating the Unknown is at: WWW.GOLDRUSHGHOSTS.COM

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