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Ask Officer Michelle – Getting Possessions Back From an Ex

Posted by kvv2002

I have a friend who recently broke up with her ex and she would like to get her stuff back out of his mother’s house. Both the mother and son are being uncooperative and all my friend wants is her stuff. How can she go about getting her items, if they are unwilling and ‘playing games’?

Dear kvv2002,

This is a pretty common dilemma. She can either set up a meet time which is convenient for her ex and his mother to get your belongings or she can take the her ex to small claims court to get her belongings. The latter may be a long and expensive process but she could mention it if she gets resistance.

Depending on what possessions were left there, it may not be worth the hassle. If your friends’ belongings consist of a vehicle, or official documents, it would be worth her while. If it is a duffel bag of clothes, non-essentials, let it go. Perhaps in time, your friend will be able to have a more civil relationship with the ex. The only other concern I had was whether your friends’ ex has a restraining order against her. That is a monkey wrench that complicates matters. Have your friend contact me so that I can get specifics. Thank you for your post.

Officer Michelle

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