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Sacramento’s Zombie Man Tom Presler

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I I met Tom Presler at a meeting for the Vampire Ball put on every year October 22nd by Shannon McCabe. I had interviewed Tom about his experiences acting. He then informed me that he is the founder of the Zombie Club and is a local comedian. I was intrigued by his vast interests and wanted to interview him further. He is what I call the "free thinker of artistic individuality of this decade."

Question: Tell the readers who you are?
Answer: I’m a writer, entertainer, artist, social commentator, comedian, songwriter, thinker and passionate activist. What I want, more than anything, is to bring creative and free thinking people together to do good things and sometimes funny things.

Question: How long have you lived and Sacramento?
Answer: I’ve lived in Sacramento for over a quarter century, and I’m surely going to be around for the next quarter as well. I love Sacramento because there is this great energy that is always buzzing in the air. Not only that I help take care of my brother who is mentally handicap and I  would never leave him.

Question: What is the Zombie Club where did you come up with the idea?
Answer: It’s a place where fans of horror flicks, fantasy and sci-fi, artists, free thinkers, musicians, creative people in general can network, come together to have fun, and possibly help change the world. It’s about free creativity. We also have the principles of Peace, Equality, Independence and Community. We identify with individual-minded, unique people of all ages and backgrounds.

Question: What inspired you to start a Zombie club and what events have you done in Sacramento?
Answer: I don’t like the current mainstream trends. I don’t think you can ever expect The Government or a Politician to change society for us. I think we all need to do it.
Our group just recently did the Zombie Walks in downtown Sacramento in July and we have several other small events planned. Recently we filmed for an upcoming documentary about the rise in popularity of Zombies at the recent Trash Film Orgy. The Trash Film Orgy (TFO) is an annual event that our friends at the Crest Theater have been putting on for over 10 years now. It’s a cool, horror and "B" movie film festival at The Crest. TFO is something they’ve been doing, and I’m a huge fan, so we go all out to support what they do. We also have a new film production company called Zombie House Productions.

Question: You had mentioned to me that you enjoy to go to Shenanigans on J street to preform your comedy skits, how did you become interested in the comedian’s world?
Answer: I love Shenanigans, and I think it’s one of the best kept secrets in Sacramento. Erik, the owner, is very supportive of musicians and artists in the area, and recently I have been working with The FUNstigators…. an upcoming comedy / amateur talent group emerging that’s all creativity, fun… and not a lot of those uptight egos you find so often in local entertainment circles.

Question: Is there any other place you have performed your comedy or have you performed anywhere before? (Theater)
Answer: I had the incredible experience working with the Changing Faces Theater Company. They’re a very professional and serious theater company in the area, and they cast me to play the primary Zombie character in their production of Romero’s "Night of the Living Dead" earlier this year. I’m making the transition from writing to stage… sometimes I walk, sometimes I trip…. but it’s been a great ride so far.

Question: Have you written your own material and is it comedy to you?
Answer: Everything I write is original… and my inspiration is just observing people and the world and everything around me. And yes, most of everything I see is comedy to me. Michele Bachmann, are you kidding me? It’s a crazy, luny, funny world.

Question: What type of comedy do you perform and why?
Answer: I’ve been told many times that my humor is dry, but I think it can be rather wet sometimes too. I don’t like to label anything and think inside a box. Sometimes, I think clucking like a chicken is funny…. if done in tune….. and sometimes just telling jokes is funny. In my writing, I usually try and put unique ideas out there or comment on society. I think I’m doing it more for MY entertainment than yours, actually.

Question: Who is your all time Idol?
Answer: Roddy Piper. He was the only reason I ever watched professional wrestling when I was a kid. The guy was hilarious and said whatever he wanted…. and was boo’d! He was "the bad guy," you know…. and didn’t conform or care about what anyone else was doing, and I was really drawn to that when I was very young.

Question: What is your favorite quote?
Answer: "While it’s True that Life’s a Mystery, so too is the Human Heart." It’s from a Mary-Chapin Carpenter song. She’s an amazing poet.

Question: If you could tell free thinkers and artist some inspirational advise, what would it be?
Answer: Never seek approval from anyone, and always do whatever it is you want to do because you’re entertaining yourself first. That’s the only way it will be genuine, honest…. plus, if nobody else gets ya, you still had a great time!

Question: When is you next event and were can your fans or friends contact you?   

My contact info: www.facebook.com/tpresler



The Next event will be: 

The Sac Sci-Fi & Horror Convention (www.sachorror.com) 

also on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=250337651660271


The Zombies Vs Pirates Vs Ninja Walk! 
A Pirate Walk
A Zombie Walk 
A Ninja Walk
Saturday, September 24 · 9:00am – 10:00am   At Areas surrounding the Scottish Rite Center Sacramento, California    

Hope to see you there!





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