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Pangaea opens bottle shop

Pangaea opens bottle shop
Pangaea owner Rob Archie with some of his favorite brews.

Local watering hole Pangaea Two Brews Cafe recently expanded its operations to include a bottle shop with about 200 beer selections. The bottle shop opened earlier this month, and owner Rob Archie said he has plans to add a delivery service in the Curtis Park neighborhood in September.

“We had our grand opening Aug. 6, and it was full in here all day,” Archie said. “The response has been really positive.”

Pangaea, located at 2743 Franklin Blvd., is marked by its selection of Belgian beers on tap, and Archie told The Sacramento Press in a previous article that he has long wanted to bring a bottle shop to offer those beers at to-go prices.

Pangaea opens bottle shop

Beers are stored in a refrigerator spanning much of one wall of the bottle shop, which can be entered by the street or through an arched doorway from the adjacent cafe.

Pangaea opens bottle shop

Another new feature that came with the bottle shop was a wine and cheese selection.

“We have some people who come in here, and as much as they might love beer, they sometimes want a glass of wine,” Archie said.

Pangaea opens bottle shop

Wine selection includes chilled whites as well as reds in a rack along one wall, and he said the bottle selection is varied, with wines from the United States, France, Chile and other areas.

Pangaea opens bottle shop

Coming sometime next month is a bicycle delivery service for the Curtis Park neighborhood.

“It’s a convenience for the area,” Archie said. “We will keep our website updated with what we have in stock, and people can order and have it delivered to them.”

To make it worthwhile, Archie said he will either have a minimum purchase requirement or a small charge for deliveries. For more information as it becomes available, check the website or Facebook page.

While bottles are priced for take out, patrons dining in the adjacent cafe can have bottles at their tables for a small corkage fee, depending on the size of the bottle.

“What’s cool about our system is (customers) don’t have to go over and buy it there and then come back to their table,” Archie said. “It’s all the same business, and it’s all connected, so they can just have it brought to their table and added onto the bill.”

Pangaea opens bottle shop

Dave Morrow, craft beer manager for DBI Beverage, Inc., of Sacramento, a beer distributor, said the opening of the bottle shop is indicative of a growing trend in craft beers taking hold in Sacramento over the past couple of years.

“It’s really blown up,” he said, adding that the beer scene has become more sophisticated, and beer drinkers are increasingly treating the beverage with the respect and reverence often associated with wines.

Morrow said that even though there may be some expensive beers, the high-priced ones coming in bottles that hold about two pints are still much more affordable than their counterparts in the wine industry.

“You can come in here and literally have your pick of the best beers in the world,” Morrow said Tuesday as he perused the bottles in the shop. “And what’s great is anybody can afford it. You can get some of the best beers in the world for $10-$15 here.”

Pangaea opens bottle shop

Archie said he has long wanted to have a bottle shop, and Morrow said he “nailed it.”

“If I won the lottery, this is exactly the bar I would build in my house,” Morrow said.

Brandon Darnell is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press. Follow him on Twitter @Brandon_Darnell.

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