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Exquisite Hot Lunch Concert

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Exquisite Corps

Fresh of an exquisite performance at Launch 2011 Exquisite Corps performed at Thursday’s Hot Lunch Concert Series. Exquisite Corps braved the heat and played a wonderful set.

I arrived later than I intended but arrived in time to listen to one song before they took a break. The blistering heat did not seem to have much of an effect on concert goers as Exquisite Corps was able to draw a good size crowd.

Exquisite Corps

The audience sat wherever there was shade and enjoyed a great show. I’ve been a fan of Exquisite Corps from the first time I heard them. The orchestral strings first drew me to them when I first saw them play last year. The cello and violins makes their sound a bit more distinctive than most other bands. Reminiscent of Rasputina in sound Exquisite Corps plays mostly original tunes but once in a while engage in a cover song or two.

Exquisite Corps

Their mix of orchestral and contemporary sounds filled the air at Fremont Park as they played several crowd favorites. At one point Bryan Valenzuela came to the microphone to say a few words. “We are Exquisite Corps, we are recording an album, but unfortunately we do not have any recorded music at this moment. We would love to see any of you on our facebook site where there are updates about our shows. We have a show next month here in Sacramento at Luigi’s with Sister Crayon.”

Exquisite Corps

Exquisite Corps continued playing as they started playing “Selah” which started off with a Valenzuela’s soft melodramatic voice. Krystyna Taylor, Robby Dean, Reylynn Goessling, Kristen Arnold and Nathan Webb joined in and as with several of their songs the tempo increased and the mixture of sounds drew the audience as they enjoyed the song.

Exquisite Corps

After a couple of more enchanting songs they ended their set with an exquisite rendition of a Doors song “Not to Touch the Earth”. The whole band played superbly as they did the song great justice and made it their own.

Exquisite Corps

Hot Italian will continue to host the free and open Hot Lunch Concerts until September 1. Next week the Freebadge Serenaders will play their whimsical type of music.

Exquisite Corps

Exquisite Corp’s next show will be on August 18th at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City. Their next Sacramento show will be held the following day, August 19, at Luigi’s.

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