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Personal trainer introduces fitness to Sacramento

Personal Trainer introduces fitness to Sacramento

My name is Ken Karnack and I am a personal trainer and weight loss expert. I just landed here in Sacramento and want to introduce my new fitness column for Sacramento Press. My goal is to bring updated fitness and weight loss tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to better your health. I have 25 years of weight loss and bodybuilding experience, and I love helping people get results.

Most times, we are forced to see ads on TV that introduce a new gadget or weight loss program that is just too restrictive. Over the years, most of them have come and gone. You know the drill! You tried the high protein diets, the boxed meal plans, the shakes and even the cabbage diet, only to be left with an empty stomach and a waist line that just will not go away.

One of the biggest reasons that people struggle and fail at dieting is because the definition of a diet is both a starting point and an ending point. As humans, we live a lot longer than a diet plan will ever last. That being said, we need to focus on what works, agreed?

Look at most top athletes around the world – bodybuilders, sprinters, track and field runners and MMA fighters. They are some of the most pleasing and polished looking athletes in the world.
The biggest reason for this is that they do weight training, eat very well and do cardio.

This fundamental formula is the basis for all diet plans and exercise programs, period! I have noticed that a lot of people in the gyms these days are really lacking the weight training area. I see treadmills, elliptical machines and cross trainers dripping with sweat, yet we still find a way to get fatter. Over the next few weeks, I will keep you informed on some of the best topics in fitness, including:

  • What type of weight training you should be doing
  • Where to eat out and what to choose to eat
  • What types of foods are better for weight loss and maintenance
  • How much cardio is enough, and is it too high or too low?
  • Uncovering the myths of weight loss
  • And more…

I hope that you will find that I can really be an asset to your weight loss or bodybuilding goals. I will encourage you to write to me or post your comments as we plug and chug through this crazy world of fitness.

There will be good times and bad times for you as you work towards your fitness goals, but help will be just a click away.

Thank you!

Ken Karnack
Old School Fitness 

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