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Zombies invade the Crest Theater

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A mob of the living dead invaded downtown Sacramento Saturday night. The annual Zombie Walk started at Sub-Q and ended at the Crest Theatre, where the zombies mingled with K Street’s club- and restaurant-goers in between munching brains.

The 2011 Trash Film Orgy season kicked off its six-week run of sleazy, gory, trashy movies with “Return of the Living Dead,” a tale of punk rockers, zombies and punk rock zombies.

As zombies and Trash fans entered the Crest’s lobby, they were greeted by a variety of interesting characters and sights to see. Guests could browse movie posters, horror and sci-fi DVDs and zombie comics. There were also games in the spirit of the zombie flick, such as “Pin the Bullet on the Brain” and “Tossin’ Brains,” at the Super Trash Funtime Booth. Hungry zombies could even attempt to eat a brain that was dangling from the end of a string, if they could catch it.

Midnight rolled around and the festivities officially began with a zombie makeup artist contest. Three artists and their zombie creations came up on stage to be judged by the pros from “Callson Manor.” Winner David Ainsworth received a contracted makeup gig for the zombies and ghouls of “Callson Manor.” The loser, however, wasn’t very happy and ended up taking out her aggression on one of the judges by disemboweling him.

TFO’s Mighty Tiki played his role in getting the crowd hyped for “Return of the Living Dead” by telling jokes, introducing the skits and getting everyone to chant “trash, trash, trash” before the movie started.

The movie played out as any other TFO flick, with tons of callouts, jeering and jokes to be heard from every corner of the theater. The ruder and raunchier the comment, the better.

No movie is ever complete without previews, and “Return of the Living Dead” was no exception. “Callson Manor” had a new promo spot, and previews for upcoming TFO attractions such as “Werewolves on Wheels,” “Humanoids from the Deep” and “Heavy Metal” were also big hits.

During intermission, German doctor of evil Viktor Von Ubercoolst and his lovely assistant of doom used their zombie-mind-control helmet to call up the zombies to the front of the theater and make them do the hokey pokey. Luckily for all the zombies, TFO staple Big Pink Bunnyman arrived in time to save them from Ubercoolst. Using metal music, he took down Ubercoolst and took the lovely assistant of doom as his own, freeing the zombies to form a conga line back to their seats for the rest of the film.

For the 10-plus years that it has been around, TFO has always been a late-night sleaze fest, perfect for fans of the weird, cheesy and gory. With everything from giant talking tiki heads to large men in pink bunny costumes, it’s sure to be something oddballs everywhere can enjoy.

“My favorite part of the whole experience was probably the jokes that Mighty Tiki was cracking,” said Jennifer Mueller, zombie enthusiast and TFO fan. “It may have just been the rum he was drinking, but he was in good form.”

Next week’s film, “Humanoids from the Deep,” will start Saturday at midnight. A complete schedule of this year’s TFO movies and activities can be found at the Trash Film Orgy website.

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