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Carol Noble: Life with Little Corner Creatures

PICTURE: Left to Right: Jennifer Newell, Carol Noble, Christina George and Ramona Cooley.

Interview by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Present for this Interview: Christina George/Senior Lead Investigator, Jennifer Newell/Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic, Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager, Carol Noble/Paranormal Experiencer and Ramona Cooley/Sister of Carol.

Location of Interview: Barnes & Noble, Starbucks – Natomas/3561 North Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA

Date and Time of the Interview: June 27, 2011 1815 Hours.

Question: Tell me a bit about yourself. Your family life, hobbies, recreational activities, etc.

Answer: I am a 42 yr old mother of 3 kids. I have twin boys with disabilities who are 22 yrs old. I raised my twins by myself until they were 14 yrs old. At the age of 14, I placed the boys in a home where they lived with care givers. I have a daughter who is almost 18 yrs old & is smarter than my own good. I have been married to Rodney Noble for almost 2 yrs but we have been together for 5 yrs. I just became reunited with my younger sister after not being in her life for 10 yrs. My sister Ramona has now been living with my husband & I. She has been there since Dec. 2011 until present. I haven’t spoken to my mother in 11 yrs. I just started talking to my ***** donor aka real father after 11 yrs. I love to be outside in the sunshine. I love spending time with my family. I love to play sports, be involved with the Special Olympics and other activities for my twin boys. When my daughter was younger I was involved in her sporting activities.
I really enjoy reading self help books & books to help me find my spirituality. I am still trying to find my spirituality by reading & other outside sources.

Question: What was your first paranormal experience?

Answer: My first experience was when I was approx. 18 – 19yrs old. I was home alone with my twin boys. My husband was out of state working. It was the middle of the night & I thought I was dreaming but I was actually awake. I looked toward the end of my bed and saw a black figure standing there. I was unable to move. I kept telling myself that I had to move and finally the figure disappeared and then I was able to move.

Question: What age did your paranormal experience start?

Answer: I believe when I was close to the age of 17 yrs old.

Question: How come you think your paranormal experiences started when you were 17?

Answer: I think the experience might have started with my fascination of Aleister Crowley. I was interested in how & why he was such a well known Black Magick Cultist.

Question: So do you think that your fascination with Crowley, initiated your paranormal experiences?

Answer: No…I think my interest in the paranormal has always been there. That was the start of my “spiritual search”

Question: Tell me about your paranormal experiences with your grandmother.

Answer: My grandmother used to tell me that my grandfather was watching over me. When my grandmother was getting very ill I had requested that someone get in touch with me since our family wasn’t close. I spent the next 6 months traveling back & forth to Lodi to be there for my grandmother. When my grandmother was getting closer to her time she would tell me that grandpa was there. When my grandmother actually started to pass away on Dec. 8, 1999, I was at work in Napa. I got the call & drove like a crazy woman to get to the hospital. I was at the hospital for 15 minutes and then I got to watch her take her last breath. We visited my grandmother before she was cremated to say good bye one more time. About a week after her passing I was exiting the freeway to my apartment and looked up at the clouds for some reason & noticed there was a cloud formation that resembled an angel. I tried to talk it away, then just accepted that my grandmother was still there. That night when I was sleeping I rolled over & noticed that there was a shadow next to my bed. I passed it off as my closet door being open and rolled back over to go back to sleep. I rolled back over and looked at my closet & the big black figure was still standing there. Then it was just gone.

Question: Tell me what happened in your former Sacramento apartment.

Answer: I moved into this apartment back in Sacramento after I lost my job in Napa. I lived there for a yr and a half. About a yr into living there I let a friend & her kids stay with me in my apartment because they were sleeping in her car. She had been there about 3 months. My friend and I were standing in the hallway having words. The hallway was small, kind of long & narrow. In the hallway was a book case with pictures on the top of the book case. My friend was standing in the door way of the kid’s room, which was half way in the middle of the hall across from the bathroom. I was standing at the beginning of the hallway and we both watched my FAVORITE photo fly off the top shelf and hit the bathroom door way. I looked at my friend & said, “ I know you saw that!!” She shook her head and closed the bedroom door.

Question: Tell me about the Little Corner Creatures and the house in Napa.

Answer: Well the corner creatures I have seen in many places that I have been. Not only places I have lived in but visiting in different homes. The corner creatures are these little black creatures or figures that are no taller than knee high. These creatures are dark shadow like figures that move from dark place to another dark place in any home that I may be visiting.

I moved into this house in Napa after moving back from Sacramento trying to find a home for my twin boys. I had lived in this house for only 3 months. I was sleeping, in bed and it was the middle of the night. On the head board of my bed were 3 plants; one in the middle of the bed and one each end of the head board, as I was sleeping and I was jolted out of bed by the feeling of something heavy being dropped on my head, almost like being punched or one of the plants falling off my head board onto my head. I looked at the head board and all the plants were still in there proper places.

Question: Do you feel like you have something attached to you?

Answer: Well, I have always felt like I have an evil twin. Sometimes I feel like I have lots of bad ju ju.

Question: Tonight we have Jennifer Newell, psychic. Jennifer will try and determine if there is something attached to you and I will explain to you how you can get rid of this attachment. Are you prepared for this?

Answer: Yes, absolutely

The session with Jennifer Newell begins:

In the session Jennifer takes Carol’s hand and holds it. Jennifer detects 4 entities attached to Carol Noble. Carol confirms that she feels 4 entities attached to her. Jennifer detects a lanky lady with dirty blonde hair that is one of the entities attached to Carol. Carol does not detect this entity. Jennifer also detects an entity from her childhood. Carol tells Jennifer that she was two years old when her grandfather died.

Jennifer detects that Carol is ‘hollow’, that things go through Carol. Jennifer says that something opened up in Carol, that has brought in this activity. Carol has been the ‘attracter or the open door’..perhaps the portal. Jennifer says Carol has been this open door since she was a child.

Carol asks, ‘can you see any people around me?’ Jennifer sees a little boy and she sees a hat. Jennifer sees a 1920s type of newspaper boy. Carol confirms what Jennifer is seeing. This newspaper boy is wearing a cap of the 1920s period. The hat is called a Vintage 1920’s-30’s Style Newsboy Cap Hat Zasu Caps. Jennifer also notices that Carol is being harassed by dark entities. Jennifer asks if she has children, a boy and girl.

Carol answers 2 boys and a girl. Jennifer picks up her ‘concern’ for her children. Jennifer asks if her children are seeing the shadow man. Carol confirms that she has seen the shadow man. Jennifer describes where an open door is near a bedroom and Carol confirms that this is where she first saw a shadow man.

Jennifer says that the hollowness is her connection to the Wiccan culture. Carol confirms that she has a connection with Wicca and Aleister Crowley. Jennifer detects that Carol was involved in a ‘sweeping’, which in better terms is cleansing of the house. Carol confirms this. Jennifer feels that Carol is headed in the right direction. Jennifer feels Carol is more spiritually aware. Jennifer feels Carol has a long journey, it’s not going to be easy. Jennifer wants Carol to move towards the lighter side of Wicca and that she will find her peace. Jennifer suggests that Carol get in contact with our Wicca cleanser and source Stefanie Belson. I will connect them.

Question: Carol, how can readers of your interview contact you?

Answer: Facebook or my email: rocknrollfairie@yahoo.com

Thank you for this very interesting interview Carol!

Sidenote: There will be an investigation and cleansing at Carol’s home in Sacramento.




UFO Magazine Vol 24 #2 #155; Atlantis Rising #88 July/Aug 2011; Paranormal #58 www.paranormalmagazine.co.uk; Fortean Times June 2011 FT 275; UFO Matrix Vol 1 #5 www.ufomatrix.com

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Marilyn’s mother Alice Claar had a very strange paranormal experience. Alice may have been gifted with ESP to foretell certain events in her life. In one incident, a picture of a soldier fell to the ground. The soldier was her personal friend. She later learned that the exact date and time the picture fell, the soldier depicted in the picture had died at the same date and time. Talk about uncanny! The soldier was serving his duties during World War II.

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