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Nowadays we hear about pensions, budgets, layoffs, rising crime rates, and many other negative stories, but in police work there are many untold positive stories.

A few months ago, a Sacramento Police Department dispatcher answered a routine call from a man asking for assistance to find shelter for him, his wife and two-year-old child for the night. The family had been traveling from Washington state on their way home to Reno, Nevada, but had run out of money for gas and shelter due to unexpected car repairs near the end of their trip. The dispatcher tried assisting the caller by contacting numerous shelters, but could not find housing. Feeling concern for the family, the dispatcher and her co-workers pulled together some money for the child so that the family could get a room for the night and fill their gas tank to make it home the next day, as well as some snacks and a rubber ducky for the child.

The actions of this dispatcher are an example of many untold stories members of the Sacramento Police Department helping those in need. “We are sometimes people’s last resort,” said the dispatcher. The reason why this story is being shared months after it occurred and why many other similar stories like this are never told is because members of this department help those in need day in and day out, never ask for recognition for their actions.


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