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Local Girl Scouts excel with Gold Awards

Fifty-eight local Girl Scouts will receive their Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts, during the annual Recognitions of Excellence Ceremony this Sunday. Girl Scouts who earn this award have demonstrated leadership skills, career planning and community involvement.

To earn the Gold Award, girls are challenged with the task of choosing a community issue and addressing the root cause with a sustainable solution. Girls choose issues they are passionate about and spend a year or more planning and executing their projects. Nationally, only 5.4 percent of girls eligible to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award actually receive it, so this is a huge accomplishment for these local girls.

Along with the 58 Girl Scout Gold Award recipients, there will be 150 girls receiving the Girl Scout Silver Award, the second highest award in Girl Scouts, and 90 others receiving other prestigious awards at this event.

Here are a few examples of the Gold Award projects:

Catherine Davis
“There are a large number of abandoned animals in Yolo County. I created a ‘virtual video tour’ of the Yolo County animal shelter discussing some of the problems surrounding the issue of abandoned animals, the function of the shelter, how to adopt an animal, and how to be a responsible pet owner. I also created a kid-friendly handout, talking about the problem of abandoned animals, ways kids can help, with information and fun projects for kids to do. Planting cat grass and making homemade dog treats are two service projects people have been doing to help the shelter. I think that the completion of this project gave me not only personal satisfaction because everyone was so excited about the video and the various places it can be used, but this project also gave me a lot of confidence in setting up meetings and working with a county office. It has helped my presentation skills, and it taught me to get organized.”

Christina Fujii
“Illiteracy in my community has been the primary motivator behind my Girl Scout Gold Award Project. The first component of my project was an informational brochure that encouraged parents to become active participants in improving their child’s reading skills. In order to motivate kids to read, I decided to hold a reading event at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. The ‘admission cost’ for my event was one donated book to be given to another local elementary school. The third component of my project was to create a small library with approximately 200 books as well as a bookshelf to donate to a local elementary school with literary challenges, Jedediah Smith Elementary School. I think that my literary project showed both kids and adults how reading can be fun, as well as providing helpful insight and resources that can aid in improving the skills of many young readers.”

Emily Kopania
“Both a beautiful environment and an essential source of natural resources, the ocean is an important component in people’s daily lives, but many of us, especially those who live away from the coast, do not realize this. However, our actions affect the health of the ocean, which is currently facing huge threats. I decided to work with the Monterey Bay Aquarium for my Girl Scout Gold Award project. First, I helped the aquarium run two teen focus group discussions, then sending a report and evaluation to the aquarium. Then, I started an ocean conservation group for high school students in my local community called Walk the Talk. It allows students to promote and take action for ocean conservation as well as educate others about the topic. This project has helped me share my passion for ocean conservation with other and taught me important leadership skills for the future.”

The Girl Scout’s Recognitions of Excellence Ceremony took place at the Crest Theatre, 1013 K St., Sunday, May 22. 


Disclosure:  Jennifer Lemos is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Girl Scoouts, Heart of Central California


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