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Disney’s Fine Art Pixar Collection

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Sunday afternoon was the worldwide debut of Disney’s Fine Art Pixar Collection. Families from all over the Sacramento region flocked to the California State Railroad Museum to get an up close look at original artwork inspired by the first 11 films created by Pixar Animation Studios. The artists were there on hand to happily chat and sign posters for adoring Disney fans.

 The films used for the artwork included: “Toy Story,” “A Bug’s Life,” “Toy Story 2,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Incredibles,” “Cars,” “Ratatouille,” “Wall-E,” “Up,” “Toy Story 3” and “Monster’s, Inc.”

Growing up, we all remember falling in love with classics such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “Bambi,” “Pinocchio” and “Lady and the Tramp.” In the last 15 years, however, since collaborating with Pixar studios, Disney has upgraded the technology used in Disney’s celebrated films. Pixar handpicked 12 of their artists to create this series, 11 artists representing one film each and the twelfth artist commemorating all of the films. In this series, you can actually see the artists’ brush strokes in each of the pieces. The artists were asked to paint their interpretation of the film they were assigned.

 "We wanted to celebrate the beauty that goes into the artwork that later becomes a film," said artist John Rowe. Rowe’s piece showcasing in the series was “The Depth of Love and Space" from the film “Wall-E.” Rowe is a freelance artist who was hired by The Walt Disney Company for several projects. His upcoming work can be seen on the poster of "The Young Black Stallion." I asked him if he frequents Disneyland, a question I always ask someone who has a connection with the company.

"Not as often as you would probably think, but when I am assigned a project, I go to get inspired. I once rode the Jungle Cruise ten times in a row"

An artist that actually had his art supplies out and ready for creating was Rodel Gonzalez, who is responsible for the beautifully haunting piece, "Flying on a Breeze," inspired by the film, "A Bug’s Life." He seemed to share my same thoughts on how animated films have majorly evolved in recent years.

"Machines are taking over," he joked.

I could tell that he very much enjoyed his work and loved sharing his talent with others as he stroked a piece of paper with his brush, occasionally dipping his brush into the palette. Two children rushed over with their limited edition lithograph of "The Pixar Storyline" which includes all 11 Pixar films. The limited edition lithograph was on sale throughout the duration of the event.

Artist Danny Arriaga, the creator of the commemorative twelfth piece of the series, "The Pixar Storyline," explained that none of the artists knew each other before the event, so it was rewarding to meet his fellow artists. Danny has been with Pixar since 2001 and then landed a career in the Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios in 2009. His piece played a very important role in the series.

"I got to interpret all 11 films; I basically made a color script story in color," he explained.

Although the afternoon mostly consisted of die hard Disney fans, the California State Railroad Museum had its fair share of surprised guests as well.

"We thought we were only going to get the pleasure of hanging out with trains today, but this is great… what a treat," said Nancy Myer from Auburn as she watched her nephews excitedly dash from artwork to artwork.

Although the artwork only remained at the California State Railroad Museum through Sunday, StageNine, located at 102 K Street, will still have some of the pieces for sale in their store along with other unique collectibles. You can visit their website at http://www.stagenine.com.

For more information about the artists or to follow their careers, the 12 participating artists included: Mike Kungl, Rodel Gonzalez, Trevor Carlton, Tim Rogerson, James Coleman, Bill Morrison, Lorelay Bove, Noah, John Rowe, Harrison Ellenshaw and Jody Daily.

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