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Dice is Back

God may not play dice, but young adults in Sacramento do. An increasingly common site at parties, concerts and anywhere else lively friends gather is a small group leaning in at the circle they have created, usually accompanied by whoops and laughter, as someone is always winning in dice.

all-about-dice.com cites dice as the oldest known gaming instrument on earth, having existed with the Native Americans and also imported to the United States with almost every other ethnicity.

Playing or gambling with dice as the only object in the game is growing in popularity, almost always with several crumpled $1 bills piled alongside. As a social 23-year-old college student, I see my fair share of people enjoying their off time, and it seems that recently young adults are rekindling this timeless tradition.

One of the most popular dice games is called Cee-Lo, a very simple game of luck, brought over long ago with Chinese immigrants. This easy and exciting game has become the dice game of choice in Sacramento and has many people peering into its circle of chance. The results are young adults in an atmosphere that closely resembles children playing Chutes and Ladders. This rambunctious scene is found anywhere from parties to street sidewalks.

It is easy, fun and usually does not cost much. Games are often only $1 a round, so at worst, this quick bout of fun and friendly gambling may leave someone with a few dollars in the hole, a faster heart rate and a good time.

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