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‘Green Paths to Economic Recovery’ in Sacramento

The Green California Summit and Exposition returned to Sacramento for its fifth year at the Sacramento Convention Center on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The summit featured classes, keynote speakers, exhibits and product demonstrations. Exhibits and keynote sessions were open to the public.

This year’s theme was "Green Paths to Economic Recovery" and the keynote speakers focused on the economic aspects of green technology. Mayor Kevin Johnson said on Tuesday that Sacramento was the leader in California for green job growth over the last decade.

"We really want to transform Sacramento into the Emerald Valley,” Johnson said.

Mayor Johnson was a Featured Speaker at Tuesday’s keynote session.

Tuesday’s keynote speaker was Terry Tamminen, the founder and president of 7th Generation Advisors. Tamminen recently wrote his second book, "Cracking the Carbon Code: The Keys to Sustainable Profits in the New Economy," and spoke about the costs of our country’s fossil fuel use.

"When we measure the true cost of our oil addiction, we realize that the green path to economic recovery makes a lot more financial sense than the path to wars or digging ever deeper into the earth for more fossil fuels," Tamminen said.

Tamminen gave examples of large buildings that retrofitted their structures to save up to 80 percent in energy costs.

Terry Tamminen was Tuesday’s keynote speaker.

Keith Miller, the publisher of Green Technology, said the summit was "an opportunity for leaders in state and local government as well as the private sector to come together and do planning and strategies to help create clean and sustainable communities."

The exhibit hall featured displays by over 150 vendors and organizations. Attendees inspected electric, fuel-cell and hybrid vehicles, played with various LED lighting products, learned about conservation methods and saw a number of construction materials that are made of recycled materials.

A cutaway view of a fuel cell vehicle.
LED lights were displayed as a prominent alternative to incandescent lighting.
Sang Chac with the Nissan Leaf, an all-electric vehicle.
Some people rode bikes to the Green Summit.

More photos of the Green California Summit and Expo are available here .

Photos by Ron Nabity

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