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New Blue Thumb Blog Helps Residents Create Beautiful, Water-Efficient Landscapes

Blue Thumb bloggers Vicky and Cheryl answer reader questions about landscaping and watering at BeWaterSmart.info

We’ve all heard the term "Green Thumb" used to describe someone with a natural skill for gardening. Now there’s a new resource for gardeners to help them develop a "Blue Thumb"–a talent for creating a beautiful, water-efficient landscape.

In the Blue Thumb blog, local landscape and irrigation experts Cheryl Buckwalter of Landscape Liaisons and Vicky Bartish of EcoLandscape California share their personal and professional insights on topics such as:

• Selecting and maintaining high-impact, low-fuss plants appropriate for the Sacramento region
• Reading your landscape and making practical design decisions
• Matching your irrigation to your soil and plant type

Cheryl and Vicky also answer vexing questions on landscaping and watering submitted by readers.

The Blue Thumb blog is hosted by the Regional Water Authority (RWA) in partnership with local water providers who are working to help residents use less water outdoors.

With the Sacramento region’s hot, dry climate and long summer season, it’s estimated that more than 65 percent of a household’s yearly water consumption typically goes toward landscape irrigation. Of that, 30 percent is lost to overwatering or evaporation.

RWA estimates that Sacramento-area residents could collectively save almost 100 gallons of water per person per day during the irrigation season (April through October) by using water wisely and eliminating water waste outdoors. That’s enough water to meet the drinking water needs of more than 135,000 families for a year.

Join the conversation today at BeWaterSmart.info.

Disclosure: Christine Kohn is the public outreach coordinator for the Regional Water Authority.

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