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Todd Clouser A Love Electric along with Alex Jenkins Sound Immersion Live at Beatnik Studios

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It proved to be a most electrifying night of Jazz at Beatnik Studios on Friday Night Featuring Todd Clouser A Love Electric with opening act Alex Jenkins Sound Immersion live in concert.  The night was filled with a flurry of influences from Hendrix, Nirvana,African tribal drums, to 70’s acid/fusion jazz with just a touch of contemporary jazz on top.

Opening act Alex Jenkins sound immersion began the evening with an amazing bang.  Although the quartet has a distinct 70’s Acid/fusion jazz flavor, they also mix in the almost tribal african drums as well as an intricately woven brass sound combined with the bass.  The quartet features;Alex Jenkins – Percussion, Tony Passrell – Soprano & Tenor Sax and Flute, Randy Mckean – Alto Sax, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, Mike Turgeon – Bas.

All of the selections that Alex Jenkins sound Immersion performed were from the current album they are recording to be released this summer.  The standout tune "Oh we bahbah" is almost hypnotizing.  Immediately the rhythmic, almost trance inducing sound of percussionist Alex Jenkins lulls you in and the sultry, smooth tones of the sax, clarinet and bass take you to the most pleasurable depths.  The mood for the evening was most adequately and pleasantly set with the Alex Jenkins sound immersion opening the show.

Now, that the mood has been set. The audience was treated to the electrifyng sounds of Todd Clouser/A Love Electric.  The ensemble consisted of Todd Clouser-guitar, Mark Andraud-Piano, Steven Bernstein-Trumpet, Greg Schutte-Drums and Gordy Johnson-Bass.  The strong influence of the guitar with a Hendrix twist as well as 70’s acid/fusion Jazz was completely engaging and drew you in further with the completetly intoxicating sounds of the trumpet along with the drums, meticulous movements of the piano, and bass.  Most of the tunes the quintet performed are from the A Love Electric Album.  Just when you think there couldnt be any more nuances added, "Curtis"- homage to Curtis Mayfield and Bobby in the City -dedicated to Bobby White (a band mate back in mexico city) takes you to a totally unexpected level of bliss and enjoyment.

If Friday evening was indicative of the types of Jazz Venues held at Beatnik studios, I will be waiting with baited breath for the next chapter.  I’ve never experienced an evening with so many varied influences in jazz,rock and pop.  The night truly proved to be the most delicious pot of gumbo,so to speak, with all of the key ingredients to thrill your musical palate.


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