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Eat your heart out: Easter desserts in Sacramento

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Whether you are hunting for speckled eggs or spending time with loved ones, don’t forget to stop by local eateries for their special Easter desserts this weekend. Get ready for the cuteness overload.

Freeport Bakery
2966 Freeport Blvd.

Freeport Bakery has a beautiful display of Easter decorations and a variety of creative and beautiful cookies, cupcakes and large cakes.

Easter display at Freeport Bakery
You can purchase bunny, duck or Easter egg cookies in a bag, box, on a tray or by the piece.
Easter cookies at Freeport Bakery

You can also purchase rich chocolate or golden buttermilk cupcakes, topped with buttercream or chocolate frosting and Easter decorations.  Each cupcake is $2.95.

Lovely cupcakes at Freeport Bakery
Ladybug cupcake at Freeport Bakery

There are a variety of cakes available on their Easter menu, including an Easter Basket Mini cake, an Old-fashioned Lamb cake, a Lemon Zinger, Easter Egg cake, Coconut Layer cake, Princess cake, Champagne cake, Carrot cake, Honey Bee cake, Fudge cake, Chocolate Charlotte, Fruit Basket cake and Individual Fudge Easter Egg cake.

Easter Basket Mini cake at Freeport Bakery

Old-fashioned Lamb cake at Freeport Bakery
Easter Egg cake at Freeport Bakery
Honey Bee cake at Freeport Bakery
Individual Fudge Easter Egg cakes at Freeport Bakery
Most of the cakes are available in larger sizes and vary in price from $26.95 to $36.95. 

In addition to cookies, cupcakes and cakes, Freeport Bakery also has vegetable and lorraine quiche, coffee rings, sweet buttery bread shaped like bunnies, buns and rolls.

Owner Marlene Goetzeler said that the menu has gained popularity on Facebook.

"We even have a Passover menu," Goetzeler said.

1801 L St., Suite 70

TreyBcakes gourmet bakery and eatery has darling egg, flower, chick and rabbit cookies at $2.75 each.

Easter cookies at TreyBcakes
Peep! Peep! Chick cookies at TreyBcakes

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
1801 L St., Suite 60

What is Easter without chocolate bunnies? Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates has you covered.

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
All of Ginger Elizabeth’s products are handmade and packaged in the shop.

This Easter you can purchase a variety of chocolate bunnies, including milk chocolate or dark chocolate, hollow or solid. Prices vary from $8.50 to $22.

Chocolate bunnies galore at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Solid chocolate bunnies at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
Hunting for that perfect egg? Ginger Elizabeth has 8-ounce dark chocolate eggs for $10 each, a dark chocolate egg filled with homemade marshmallow and caramel for $6.50, and a milk chocolate egg filled with a homemade peanut butter croquant for $6.50.

Chocolate eggs at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Peanut butter croquant filled milk chocolate egg at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
Massive chocolate egg at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
For the big and small, they even have bunny favors and lollipops.
Chocolate bunny lollipops and favors at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Esther’s Cupcakes
2600 Fair Oaks Blvd., Suite 103

Esther’s Cupcakes also has cupcakes for the Easter holiday.

Esther’s Cupcakes
Esther’s Cupcakes
Owner Esther Son said the earl grey lavender cupcake is infused with edible lavender.

"It’s for the sophisticated palate," Son said.

Earl grey lavender cupcake at Esther’s Cupcakes

They also have an Easter Special chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallow fluff frosting and adorned with toasted coconut and jelly beans to look like eggs.

“Easter Special” cupcake at Esther’s Cupcakes

“Easter Basket” cupcakes at Esther’s Bakery
Individual cupcakes are $2.75, half a dozen is $16 and one dozen is $30. Mini cupcakes cost $8 for half a dozen and $15 for one dozen. The minimum amount to purchase mini cupcakes is half a dozen.    

2376 Fair Oaks Blvd.

Ettore’s European Bakery & Restaurant has a beautiful display of Easter goodies.

Easter display at Ettore’s
Ettore’s has their signature large egg cake for $37.50 in lemon cream or chocolate mousse.

Signature large egg cake at Ettore’s
They also have small egg cakes for $4.25 each with orange chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate glaze and white cake with lemon cream covered in white chocolate glaze.
Small Egg Cakes at Ettore’s

In addition to these cakes, Ettore’s will be offering a limited cake menu from April 21 to 24, including cheesecake with fresh strawberries, chocolate mousse, fruit basket, kahlua cake, red velvet, strawberry white chocolate mousse and tiramisu.

On Ettore’s Easter bakery menu, they have meringue cups dipped in dark or white chocolate and filled with raspberry chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate shavings, cupcakes, petit fours, Easter fondant and butter cookies, Easter breakfast pastries and breads.

Easter Truffles at Ettore’s

Easter baskets at Ettore’s
Fondant chick cookies at Ettore’s
Easter cookies at Ettore’s
Packages of Easter cookies at Ettore’s
Easter goodies on display at Ettore’s
Ettore’s will be having an Easter brunch on April 24 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m, and their bakery will be open until 3 p.m. 

The preorder deadline for the cafe and bakery items is April 20. They will also offer passover cakes and tortes. 

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