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In Solidarity with The Sikhs

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The recent shooting of two elderly Sikh men in Elk Grove propelled Sikh Solidarity Day at the state Capitol on April 13, 2011. The long list of speakers included Assemblymembers Logue and Dickinson; Bryan Noblett, Elk Grove Police Dept and Scott Jones, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept; Jon Fish, Sacramento Interfaith Service Bureau and Edith Crawford, Institute for Advancing Unity.

Several hundred people attended.

Indian food was served as well as fruit and dessert by City of Vernon Chamber of Commerce. Vernon is trying to stop bill AB-46 by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez that would dissolve Vernon, a tax-rich city with a history of paying officials more than $500,000 a year. Signs posted by them read "Mr. Speaker Don’t Take My Job." They were there for visibility.

The west side of the Capitol building was colorful. Here are some snapshots of Sikh Solidarity Day:

Some had turbans wrapped on their head to show solidarity.
The material used for a turban is quite long.
Here are the Core Beliefs of the Sikh religion:

  • A single Creator sustains people of all faiths. All are free to practice their beliefs freely.
  • • Every human being is equal in the eyes of God. All positions of authority in Sikh religious and political life are open to both women and men.
  • • Sikhs are guided by three daily principles: Work hard and honestly. Always share your bounty with the less fortunate.   Remember God in everything you do.
  • • Sikhism seeks to create a just society. All Sikhs are required to contribute to the welfare of humanity.
  • • The Sikh religion does not have a clergy. Each individual is personally capable of experiencing the Creator.
  • • The Sikh faith rejects polytheism, idol worship, superstitions and blind rituals.
  • • Sikhism considers no place, day or time more holy than any other.

Amanpreet Kaur, Sac City College student from Davis spoke to the crowd.
Senator Darrell Steinberg addresses the large crowd.
State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg proclaimed "Let us pick a day together when we are all Sikh Americans, we are all Californians and we all stand together,"

For more information: sikhcoalition.org/

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