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Murderdolls to play Ace of Spades

Lucky for Sacramentans, Ace of Spades has booked the Murderdolls, one
of the most vulgar, most energetic bands that your mother would never
want to catch you listening to. They are set to perform on April 21
with opening bands, Misamore, Avenue Saints, Spider City and
Blownload, a group based out of Sacramento.

Frontmen Wednesday 13, who has his own side project of the same name,
and Joey Jordison, who has drummed for bands like Slipknot and Rob
Zombie, have reunited to make the Murderdolls’ second full length
album, “Women and Children Last,” a strong one. Songs such as “Drug Me
to Hell” and “Hello, Goodbye, Die” hold true to their metal-punk-trash-thrash
sound, complete with horror-movie-inspired lyrics.

To promote their new CD, the Murderdolls have recently shared the
stage with both Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper at 2010’s Halloween
Hootenanny concert. Joey Jordison performed double time, playing drums
for Zombie as well as guitar for Murderdolls.

Although the Murderdolls were just opening for Zombie and Cooper at
the Halloween Hootenanny show, the band did embark on their own
European tour, playing with bands like The Black Veil Brides and
Marionette at select locations. According to the group’s blog, it was
their first European tour in over six years.

It’s hard to say what fans can expect at the upcoming Ace of Spades
show, however, one thing is for sure – there will be plenty of
headbanging, swearing, and…well, swearing. Songs such as “I love to
Say Fuck” and “Let’s Fuck,” with easy to chant mantras should be in no
short supply. Also, now that Ace of Spades is officially able to serve
alcohol, there’s no doubt that the show will be entertaining.

Even with just two albums under their belt, at the rate they’re going,
Wednesday 13 and Jordison will make the Murderdolls the shock rock
band of this generation.

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