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Man on the Street: Where in Sacramento would you never want to take your parents?

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We all have parents. But while many may love and appreciate their mothers and fathers, there are just some things not meant to be shared between parents and children.

The Sacramento Press recently posed the question, “Where in Sacramento would you never want to take your parents,” to individuals at Westfield Downtown Plaza. After speaking to some fellow Sacramentans, the most common response was nightlife activities.

Kevin Watson, 29, lives downtown and works as a graphic designer. He said he thought taking his dad to a club could get pretty weird. “I wouldn’t want to take my dad to Faces (Nightclub). That place is pretty crazy, and it would just be really awkward if he got hit on while I was there.”

A number of people felt a club was a good place not to take their parents. A couple of individuals even specified strip clubs. Joe Morales, 21, who works as a gold buyer for Gold Rush at the mall, said, “I would never take my parents to a strip club. That’s just uncomfortable and real awkward!”

Whitney Phillips, 23, head cashier at Forever 21 who lives in Sacramento, also said she wouldn’t want to take her mom to a club, adding “She’s just kinda old and it would be embarrassing.”

Malwina Wnorowska, 23, a third-year student majoring in managerial economics at UC Davis, had a very specific answer.

“I would never want to take my parents to Cal Expo during Halloween. They host the Exotic Erotic Zone Ball. I don’t think my parents would want to see that, and I don’t want to give them a heart attack. But then again, maybe they’d like it…”

Despite a number of responses keeping parents away from potentially risque scenes or just away from their social lives in general, a few people noted they don’t go anywhere they wouldn’t take their parents.

Actress Bridggett Bess, who lives Midtown, said, “My parents are pretty open-minded. I think I could take them anywhere and be OK.”

Tell us where in Sacramento you would never take your parents in the comment section below.

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