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Art, Music, Food and Fashion at Second Saturday

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This month’s Second Saturday was very busy and it appeared that with new regulations the crowds seemed larger than ever. The weather had a lot to do with this perceived observation as well as police presence throughout Midtown.

DJ Will in front of the Midtown Bazaar garage

The Saturday Midtown Bazaar moved outdoors across the street from its regular home on I and 16th. DJ Will played some oldies and goodies just outside the regular Midtown Bazaar garage building. Inside the building Amber Villegas’ completed mural could be seen as well as the mural being worked on by some of her students.

Amber Villegas’ mural

After grabbing a bite at the Mini Burger Truck we moved on to view some art at the Brick Alley Art Studios. In and around the studio artists worked on their art and answered questions. Pamphlets were being handed out by the UC Davis Mind Institute representatives reminding us that April is National Autism Awareness Month. A band played outside as people looked around the other galleries in the area. The band’s name, I believe, was The Dions but if someone knows for sure please comment on the article.

Artist working inside the Brick Alley Art Studios

On my way over to another art gallery I ran into The Midnight Moonshiners performing on the alley on the 1700 block of Capitol Avenue. I also noticed another restaurant on wheels serving food. The Mama Kim Cooks catering truck sold food and drink on the alley.

The Midnight Moonshiners

At La Raza Galería Posada Sergio Martinez and Eleazar Morales worked on a piece of art during the Oaxaca Textiles and Alebrijes exhibit and reception. Sergio Martinez was working on weaving another tapestry creation. Many of his tapestries were on exhibit on walls and some were for sale. The laborious process takes quite some time. I asked him about a 4X6 piece hanging next to where he was working. Sergio indicated that it may take 20 to 25 days to create something like that working around 10 hours a day.

Sergio Martinez at La Raza Galería Posada during the Oaxaca Textiles and Alebrijes exhibit

His tapestries are original designs hand woven and it has been a tradition through various generations. Many international celebrities and rug collectors own his work. The piece he was working on was in its beginning stages and a drawing of the finished product was near-by. He spends his time living in both Mexico and the United States. He was passing on the tradition to one of his sons who was on hand. The exhibit will run until May 14, 2011.

Working nearby was Eleazar Morales a well-known Oaxacan woodcarving artist. His exhibit sits in the middle of the gallery. Eleazar is recognized for his woodcarving and use of color as he creates beautiful sculptures. His creations are of living and extinct animals as well as mythical beast and political, social and religious scenes. He has a website where you can find out more about the artist and view his art. An online store is available for purchasing some of his beautiful creations.

Eleazar Morales at La Raza Galería Posada during the Oaxaca Textiles and Alebrijes exhibit

The Spanish Fly Hair Garage had some music, art and fashion show on tab and dropped by after noticing another restaurant on wheels just outside their door. The place was very well packed and as we made our way to the back Im Dirty Too was finishing up their performance of the night. Jess Gowrie and Zac Brown played an enjoyable set and made me wish we had gotten there earlier.

Zac Brown and Jess Gowrie of Im Dirty Too performing at the Spanish Fly Hair Garage

A fashion show took place at the front salon. Meticulous hairdos with lovely outfits and lovely models were paraded down a short catwalk. On the side DJ Dan provided music during the fashion show.

Fashion show at the Spanish Fly Garage

Over on 20th Street between J and K some performers from Dr. Horrible were on hand to promote A Sing Along Weekend at the Historic Colonial Theatre. Performances for Dr. Horrible and Amber’s Sweets Repo, the Genetic Opera will be held on April 29 and 30. Ashley Porciuncula handed out flyers for the show and other Repo cast members were on hand as well.

Dr. Horrible Sing Along performance

The Sacramento Art Complex was my next stop to view photographer Alister Oliver’s Sacramento City Scapes exhibit and also to view his latest copy of Hidari Maki Issue 2 Winter/Spring 2011 since it contained the Masquerade Gala article I wrote for the Sacramento Press.

I’ve been an admirer of Mr. Oliver’s work for a while now and his Sacramento City Scapes photography was nothing less than splendid. He was at his studio chatting with a friend when I came by and looked at Issue 2 of Hidari Maki. As visitors filed in an out of the studio I admired other work on he had on hand and noticed a model in one of his portfolios that was present at the Spanish Fly Hair Garage. I said goodbye and moved around the other studios at the Art Complex.

Maureen Gillin’s exhibit at the Sacrameto Art Complex

My final stop for the evening was at the Splash Bar on 15th Street. The Diamond Dolls hosted the Babes n Bikes event. DJ DNA, DJ Louie Giovanni and DJ Passion provided music. My Evil Twin Choppers provided two bikes for the event for photo shoots.

Photographers, models and fashion representatives were on hand to enjoy the festivities for the evening that progressed rather well except for a minor incident. It was a time for fashion and other industry representatives to meet and socialize.

Models at the Babes n Bikes event at the Splash Bar

Although I was expecting things to be a little different it appeared that most were the same on this Second Saturday. Things appeared to close down early and police presence through the main areas where Second Saturday is enjoyed was observed but people enjoyed a nice April evening. Second Saturday still belongs to art and those that enjoy its benefits.

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