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“Jewish Voices” benefit concert features local soprano Rebecca Plack

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Sunday afternoon

, local artist Rebecca Plack will be performing a solo concert at the “Jewish Voices : Songs from the Old World Tunes from the New” benefit concert at the Center at Twenty-Three Hundred

on 2300
, a new multi-use venue in Sacramento known for its exceptional lighting and acoustics.

Prior to this upcoming event, Plack has sung at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts and with the Sacramento Opera.

Plack has been performing since she was 8 years old and currently teaches voice lessons to young students at a private studio in Davis.

The “Jewish Voices” benefit concert will be hosted by the president of the Mosaic Law Congregation, Deborah Gonzales.

The Mosaic Law Congregation is a non-profit religious organization that often uses the Center at Twenty-Three Hundred 

on 2300
for events that benefit their congregation.

“Rebecca came to me with the idea to have a benefit concert and create a program for the concert that would honor Jewish composers, performers and poets,” Gonzales said.

Plack said that being Jewish made it difficult for her to decide which Jewish composers and performers she should profile.

“During the first half of the concert I will be honoring Lotte Schone, a Jewish singer,” Plack said.

Plack explained that Schone was a famous opera singer during the early 1900s, whose song recordings have recently been copied and transformed to a digital format.

The genres that will be featured during the concert include classical, musical theatre, cabaret and folk music.

“I want to take the audience on a journey that starts in Austria in the 1800s and ends in New York a few years later,” Plack said. “It’s a journey that honors Jewish artists and presents music that everyone will know and love.”

Gonzalez said Plack will be talking about each piece that is performed, which will provide a nice cultural experience for the audience members.

“My style of commentary will be similar to program notes. It will be informing the audience about the songs being played and the composers,” Plack said.

The concert will highlight composers Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein for their musical “Showboat,” a popular musical play in 1927

the 1900s

“ ‘Showboat’ is considered to be the first story musical where the storylines and the music were being presented as equals,” Plack said.

The proceeds from the concert will go toward purchasing a new grand piano for the Mosaic Law Congregation.

“It would be much easier if our synagogue had its own piano for musical performances so we could avoid going through the trouble of having to rent one,” Gonzales said.

In addition to the piano, the proceeds will also help to support the synagogue’s general funding.

The concert will be held at The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred 

, at 2300 Sierra Blvd., right next to the Mosaic Law Congregation.

Doors open at 2:30 p.m. and the concert starts at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the Mosaic Law Office on Sierra Blvd., Watermelon Music in Davis or at www.mosaiclaw.org. They can also be purchased at the door the day of the concert.

Editorial Note: Corrections have been made to this story after it was published. The incorrect information has been struck out and the correct information has been added.

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