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#HereWeBuild is calling all professionals

Sacramento’s most popular Twitter trend #HereWeBuild

If you have been following the news, or driving along any freeway in Sacramento the last few days, you have likely seen the hash tag #HereWeBuild. If you don’t know what it is all about, refer to my article from a few days back for the details.

For a grassroots movement that just started Tuesday, #HereWeBuild has raised more than $400,000 dollars. No money has been collected, but the committed individuals behind the movement are taking this Twitter campaign to the next level.

In a statement released by idea man Carmichael Dave on the #HereWeBuild website, a team is being formed to take this groundswell of Twitter pledges to a viable donation campaign. "Version 2.0" as Dave calls. #HereWeBuild is looking for a Financial Institution, Legal Team, Accounting Firm, Public Relations representative, Web Design team, Product Distributors and additional merchant services. All services come in the form of a donation to the cause. For a business, you really can’t find a better way to align your product with positive vibes in this community.

For anyone who is capable, qualified and willing to donate their time and services to the #HereWeBuild movement, contact


From HereWeBuild.com:

"Win or lose, succeed or fail, I believe we are well on our way to showing not just our city leaders, but the entire nation that the people of the Sacramento region will not go out quietly, and will not roll over without a fight."

-Carmichael Dave

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