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How Do I Know What’s Going On In My Neighborhood?

The Sacramento Police Department has partnered with CrimeReports.com to provide the community with mapping of crime and police activity in the City of Sacramento.

The Police Department is continually looking for partnerships and innovative ideas to provide more information to our community. The Police Department will provide crime and police activity data to CrimeReports.com each morning which will be converted onto a mapping program found on their website. “The Sacramento Police Department prides itself in using technology such as E-notify, Facebook, Twitter, Daily and Helicopter Activity Logs, and now CrimeReports.com which empowers our community in a partnership to prevent crime,” said Chief Rick Braziel.

The Police Department began providing data to CrimeReports.com on January 24, 2011. We then asked community members to assist us by testing the site and seeing if any modifications should be made prior to opening the site for the entire community. The community group gave positive feedback on the program. The Sacramento Police Department would like to thank those community members for assisting us in making this service better.

To start using the crime mapping, go to www.crimereports.com and sign up for free. Set the parameters of your search by entering an address within the City of Sacramento, crime type you wish to research, and date range. You will then see various icons which can be double clicked on for additional details.

CrimeReports.com offers the following features: I-phone application, alerts that can be sent to you regarding crime activity in your neighborhood, data on sex offenders in your neighborhood based on the Megan’s Law database, data that is made current every morning, and date range search.

Stay informed on what’s going on in your neighborhood and in your city. Working together we can bring down crime.


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