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Sactown Rundown – March 10-16

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If there are any stories from anyone out there about one of our biggest concert weeks in recent memory here in Sactucky, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Seriously, we want to know who was out gettin’ funky and where (and maybe with who, but keep it clean).

Lindol and I took care of you over the weekend reporting back on the Mother Hips gig at Marilyn’s – and we could have done the same about Truth & Salvage Co. last night at Harlow’s, but as he duly pointed out, when it comes to covering that band, our objectivity and impartiality as journalists is somewhere in the gutter next to discarded fliers for the next stage show at Faces, and possibly a used rubber or two.

I will simply say this about T&S Co.: Wowza! They just keep getting better! Some good times on tap this weekend; “saving up for St. Patty’s Day” excuses will not be tolerated!

McDougall – If history was always this much fun, we’d have all paid more attention. Portland’s McDougall is like that high school history teacher who is always in danger of getting fired for teaching an abstract text, or that a college would never give tenure to because of the constant fear he might give the under-aged co-eds some bourbon and spend hours identifying which U.S. Presidents were known to visit brothels. He’s not really penning lyrics about this kind of stuff, but his songs and general approach to acoustic folk and rock is richly traditional and rooted in a time where there were no electrical chords, only G chords, a time when “microphones” were nothing more than a large cone, and the only way to hear music was to go to it, it wouldn’t come to you. There’s as much a story to be told in the songs he wrote himself as there are the ones he found buried under dust bunnies at the library. This one man band is like the Smithsonian with a pulse, and it’s a pulse that makes you want to bump your hips a little at that. Willie Tea, the Freebadge Serenaders and Quinn Alfaro round out a unique weekend bill. 8:30 p.m. Friday. Luigi’s Slice & Fungarden, 1050 K St. $5. All ages. Facebook event page.

Wahnder Lust – Woah, woah, WOAH! Don’t you just love that feeling where you just get smacked in the face by a song from the opening licks, and want more in the same way that a meth head wants more? If you have any similar tastes to this reporter, "Red Hot Mama" will do that very thing to you on Wahnder Lust’s ReverbNation page. We’re talking loud, dingy, dirtfunknasty (if that wasn’t a word before now, it is now!) guitar hooks, alongside the siren of vocalist Kim Manning, who evokes the ‘tude of Janis Joplin with the atomic force of Grace Potter (or Slick), all hosed down to saturation with soul – perhaps the fact that she spent a decade as lead vocalist with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars explains that one? And her partner in crime should be no mystery to Sacramento music fans; Lantz Lazwell has long since migrated to L.A., taking home an L.A. Music Award for Best Rock vocalist on ’07, but he is Sactown born and bred, drawing comparisons to rock icons past and present with his almost effortlessly valiant pipes. Together, they’re a powderkeg of teeth-clenching rock and roll, a package of the type of music you listen to all the time, and the types of music you wonder why you don’t listen to more often. Soul charged throwback rockers the Soft White Sixties start the party in a bill that might leave you hung over even if you put booze on the shelf for Lent. 9 p.m. Friday. Blue Lamp, 1400 Alhambra Blvd. $8. 21+. www.bluelamp.com.

Mofo Party Band – Through and through, there is nothing overtly “original” about what the Mofo Party Band does – and sometimes, that’s really OK! Sometimes fireballing blues and rock and roll, performed by a group of seasoned veterans whose aim is to keep small clubs and parties burning embers on the dance floor, is just what the doctor ordered. Isn’t that why we all go to the Torch Club anyway? But seriously, Mofo is often lost in the mix of the “party band” circuit in Northern California, but anyone who has seen them and knows their stuff will tell you that you couldn’t buy a better time in a Vegas back alley (take that metaphor however you want). 9 p.m. Saturday. Torch Club, 904 15th St. 21+. www.torchclub.net.

Mark Your Calendars – Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Hey, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes produced Truth & Salvage Co.’s debut album! Dammit, I can’t stop! April 5. Harlow’s, 2708 J St. $15. www.harlows.com.

If you are planning or promoting a concert in the Sacramento area, or just know of a show you’d like to see featured in the Rundown, shoot me an email.

For a complete listing of Sacramento area music happenings, check out Ann Freeman-Clement’s Concerts, Music Events and the Local Music Scene every Friday on Sacramento Press.


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