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Growls, screams at Soundcheck showcase at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades hosted its second event Saturday night, an "all locals" show called "SacShows Presents: Soundcheck", featuring performances by Oneira, Above The City, Carcerys Vale, Batten Down Your Heart, City of Kings, The Winter Formal and Ten After Two.

The theme for the night seemed to be "screamo," and it was delivered in spades (pun intended) with the exception of maybe The Winter Formal, which leans more toward sung vocals.

The tattooed and skintight jeans-wearing band members whipped their hair through quick 20- to 30-minute sets, cheered on by pierced and gauged teenage boys and girls, while overly aggressive males swung their fists around and ran into each other hard in the circle pit. Heavy, metal guitar riffs and machine-gun kick drums were the standard on stage, and by all accounts it was mission accomplished for Soundcheck.

The new venue Ace of Spades looks like a winner. It’s a large, open space that fits nicely between Harlow’s and Memorial Auditorium, size-wise. There are lots of places to sit, and the audio sounds good. The venue boasts an busy upcoming slate of Boardwalk-type medium-sized acts, including As I Lay Dying, Travie McCoy, and (hed) p.e.

A pending liquor license prevented alcohol sales Saturday night, but it didn’t seem to be a large issue due to the largely underage crowd (and band members). A bartender said they expect to have a license "hopefully next week."


Garrett Stone of City of Kings
Ace of Spades

Michael Lopez (left) and Jeremiah Keema (right) of Carcerys Vale.
Davey Sparks of Above The City
Josh Doty of Ten After Two
Brandon Wells (bass) and Jordan White (drums) of The Winter Formal

Ian of City of Kings
City of Kings

Dave Edwards of Batten Down Your Heart
Sean Wall of Ten After Two
Danny Clark (left) and Pat Hennion (right) of Ten After Two
Blue of Batten Down Your Heart
Austen Butler of Carcerys Vale

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