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Sugar & Gold with Yip Deceiver at Blue Lamp

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There was a surprisingly small turnout for Sugar & Gold and Yip Deceiver, two quality indie acts, at Blue Lamp Saturday night. Maybe the numerous free options of Second Saturday kept folks away, but, despite the numbers, both groups turned out solid performances.

Yip Deceiver — featuring Of Montreal members Davey Pierce and Nicolas Dobbratz — took the stage late and kicked things off with their take on experimental electro pop, performing songs including "Sadie Hawkins Day" and "For All the Haters."

Pierce bantered with the crowd constantly — "People who know me, who truly know me, know I like two things: karaoke and meth. We're going to do some karaoke, because that's fun for us." — and engaged by coming down off stage to sing and dance.

Sugar & Gold continued the disco-funk assault, again with Dobbratz on keys and Pierce (this time on drums) who were joined by Philipp Minnig on vocals and guitar. Minnig shone in his sparkly houndstooth jacket, white Ray-Ban frames and Wham!-era George Michael dance stylings. The group's ‘80s synth riffs, sleazy beats and R&B crooning had pretty much every single person on the floor dancing and having a great time.

"Let's work off those beers," Minnig said. "C'mon, it's sexy time!"

It was a great workout, and a shame more people didn't come sweat it out.

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